1969 Corvette L88 Vs 1969 Camaro ZL1


Know the classic sports cars from the late 1960s means that knowledge of the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro is unquestionable. Two 1969 models competed in a drag race which resulted in a spectacular finish.

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Everything you need to know about these factory stock races

The 1969 Corvette is not just any ordinary Corvette; the model shown in the video is one of 116 ever made with the 427 Chevrolet L88 V8 engine. This delivers an incredible 12: 1 compression ratio and Chevrolet claims the 1969 L88 engine can deliver 430 horsepower when in fact the team behind the CarsAndZebras drag racing chain claims it manages to produce 550. horses. Another mistake was the lb-ft of the torque numbers, as Chevrolet claims it does 460 while the chain says it does 470.

Inside the Corvette there is a three-speed automatic transmission, which is turbo compatible. A four-speed manual was available and the model that hits the drag track is the three-speed, which turns out to be quite impressive.

In addition, its competitor is the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. It is not supersport like the Corvette. The ZL1 is the stock postman model that hits the drag racetrack, which features a relatively less heavy aluminum block. Of which, could help make the car faster. Chevrolet rates the 1969 Camaro at 430 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque thanks to its 3-speed turbo 400 automatic transmission. It is rarer than the Corvette, with only 69 units ever made.

Both factory stocks have been upgraded with their rear gears, to give them more power in an attempt to win the drag race.

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Classic Corvette vs. Camaro Race Results

Side Chevrolet Corvette 1969
Via: YouTube

With the Corvette’s weight weighing 3,454 pounds with the driver, the Camaro is relatively lighter at 3,300 pounds. However, the latter is driverless so with a driver, the weight could be simply the same as that of the Corvette L88. This results in an intense confrontation between the two cars.

The winner of the single head-to-head race is the Corvette by 5 milliseconds. The Corvette crushes the race in 11 seconds, leaving the Camaro just behind at 11.05 seconds.

All in all it was a pretty intense drag race with the cars being so similar in terms of specs. However, the Corvette had an advantage with slightly higher torque.

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