3 workers fear death in factory accident


Factory workers alleged that they repeatedly told management that the fly ash container had developed a hitch, but no attention was paid

Abhijeet Chatterjee



Posted on 11/28/21 12:12 AM

Three workers at a private integrated iron factory in Raniganj, west Burdwan, are believed to have died after the container containing around 300 tonnes of hot fly ash collapsed on top of them early on Saturday.
The incident occurred at Shyam Sel and Power Limited’s 3 MW captive power plant in the Mangalpur industrial zone in Raniganj.

As of Saturday evening, the administration, the police and the firefighters were engaged in rescue operations. But no one has been found.

Sources said three workers may have been trapped under the hot fly ash produced by the power generation unit since 1 a.m. when the incident occurred.

“The chances of their survival are slim as they have been trapped under huge amounts of fly ash for a long time. We are facing problems because the ashes are still hot,” said a firefighter.
Police said four workers were on duty at the factory’s captive power station overnight when the crash occurred. “Only one of them, Shibnath Ram, was able to be rescued,” said a police officer.

Factory management said those who died were Tanmoy Ghosh, 42, from nearby Andal, Shib Shankar Bhattacharya, 36, and Dilip Gope, 43, from Bankura district.
As the news spread, relatives of the victims and factory workers crowded into the factory and accused management of negligence. INTTUC West Burdwan President Abhijit Ghatak and Raniganj MP Trinamul Tapas Banerjee joined the accusers. “This is clearly a case of negligence on the part of the factory management. We demand jobs for a family member from each victim and monetary compensation, ”Ghatak said.

MP Banerjee said he called on the police to initiate suo motu action against the factory management.

Workers at the plant alleged that they repeatedly told management that the fly ash container had developed a hitch but that they had not paid attention.

A senior plant official said only a proper investigation could prove charges of negligence.


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