440ci Banana 1971 Dodge Charger R / T with factory sunroof was designed to enjoy the summer


Fans of the modern Dodge Charger might love the practicality of the four-door that magically combines with the performance of an upward muscle car. But let’s be frank, could a sedan beat this vintage two-door Top Banana trying to stand out in a crowd?

Of course, once they both get off the line, that wouldn’t be a competition, as the contemporary Charger can go up to 797 horsepower when the customer selects a Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody. But, one way or another, it might be easier to enjoy a worry-free life inside this cool representative of the vintage breed. If you ask me, the next owner will probably spend as much time eyeing the pristine, so yellow exterior as they are driving it for everyone to see.

Plus, classic Dodges like this 1971 example are still in high demand. Especially if they are not only ready to stand out in the crowd, but also provide great satisfaction to anyone looking for the next collector’s item. We are dealing here with a third generation that would have spent very little time on the road if the current odometer reading of just 23,275 miles (37,457 km) is real and original, as it is claimed.

It also comes with some rare features. The FY1 Top Banana with black vinyl top would be one, but the factory sunroof is another coveted item. There’s also a Ramcharger hood with retaining pins, front and rear spoilers, chrome clothing for the windows and mirrors, plus a set of cool wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich radial tires in white lettering.

Inside, the Charger sports the optional D5X9 cloth and vinyl bucket seats, as well as an AM / FM radio and Hurst pistol grip shifter. Additional critters comfort includes power brakes and steering, while the V-Code 440 Six Pack V8 engine under the hood is of the numbered variety.

By the way, while this is a Dodge that clearly enjoys the summer and its hot road trips, the Charger is expected to go under the hammer as part of the Walter Hawk collection in the middle of Winter. The act will take place during Mecum Auctions’ Kissimmee event which runs January 6-15, 2022 in Kissimmee, Florida.

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