5 Laptop Recommendations Under $2,500 for College Students


Once a luxury, laptops are now necessary for all college students to work on assignments, study online, and even take tests digitally.

Most college students need a lightweight laptop that has all-day battery life, can do heavy software work, store school work without slowing down the system, and looks fancy enough to impress their friends. .

Don’t worry, here are 5 laptops that could help you with your education without breaking the bank.

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Comparison table of the 5 best laptops

#1 Surface 5 Laptop

Incredibly lightweight laptop with new 12th Gen Intel i5/7 processors. It is equipped with a 10-point multi-touch PixelSense™ display.

Starting at $1,588, this is an affordable yet powerful laptop for most day-to-day tasks, such as using the Microsoft suite of apps, browsing the web, or watching videos. Coupled with an all-day 18-hour battery life, you can now attend back-to-back conferences without plugging in.

Price: $1,588


[+] Cheap

[+] Lightweight and very portable.

[+] Incredible battery life – 18h

The inconvenients:

[ – ] No external GPU (only integrated GPU)

[ – ] Limited ports – 1 audio jack, 1 USB A, 1 USB C, 1 MicroSD card slot

Best for: Students who only need daily use (browsing, typing, research)

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HP Specter x360 #2 2-in-1 Laptop

As the most expensive laptop on this list, the HP Specter 2-in-1 Laptop combines the flexibility of a tablet with all the functionality of a laptop.

It comes equipped with powerful specs, like 1TB SSD storage and an Intel Core i7-1255U processor, without the need for additional add-ons. Its 3K OLED display with a 3:2 ratio and writing capability with the included stylus also mimics the experience of writing on an A4 sheet of paper.

The HP Specter x360 2-in-1 also has a foldable screen that can be bent back and forth – or pretty much any angle you want. This allows you to let it rest on the table at an angle that allows you to write more comfortably.

If prying friends or strangers are bothering you, the HP Specter x360 2-in-1 also has a few privacy features built in. You have the “HP Sure View Privacy Screen” and “Webcam kill switch” functions. With the flick of a switch, you get a higher level of privacy.

Price: $2,499

[+] Tactical keys

[+] Light and small, very portable.

[+] Highest battery life – 22h

[+] Beautiful and elegant design

The inconvenients:

[ – ] higher price

[ – ] No external GPU (only integrated GPU)

Best for: Students who need all the functionality of a laptop with the ability to use it as a tablet

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#3 Forge 15S Replica

This Singaporean company has taken the capabilities of a gaming laptop and reduced its price. Sitting at a price starting at $1,850, it is considered a relatively affordable option.

The Forge 15S features the latest 3050Ti graphics card, perfect for playing AAA game titles on your break and running heavy engineering software like Matlab or AutoCAD.

It might be the heaviest laptop on this list, but it packs one of the heaviest punches in terms of processing and graphics power. Its 15.6-inch screen is large enough for multitasking.

Price: $1,850

[+] Tactical keys

[+] Dedicated external GPU

[+] Highly customizable

The inconvenients:

[ – ] Heavy

Best for: Students requiring intensive processing and graphics power

#4 Dell XPS 13 Plus

As the lightest “non-tablet” laptop, the Dell XPS 13 Plus is a great companion for any student. Its crisp 4k OLED display will be perfect for those who need careful attention to color for design and photo/video editing.

With its sleek design and lightweight features, its cost is higher at $2,298.99. However, with its lightweight (1.23 kg) and immersive speakers (studio-grade tuning with Waves MaxxAudio®Pro and Waves Nx®3D audio), it proves to be a tough contender with its versatility for most students. .

Compared to the HP Specter – a more expensive option, it’s slightly lighter with a smaller footprint, while having better baseline specs. The Dell XPS 13 Plus performs exceptionally well in a smaller package.

Price: $2,299


[+] Large caps for easier gripping

[+] Highly customizable

The inconvenients:

[ – ] higher price

[ – ] No external GPU (only integrated GPU)

Best for: Students who need portability and only need daily use (browsing, typing, researching)

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#5 MacBook Air M2 (2022)

The updated MacBook Air M2 features the latest Apple silicon that delivers up to 15 hours of battery life. Its most affordable option starts at $1,699 with a lower storage space of 256GB. What the MacBook Air M2 does best are performance-to-power and battery-to-performance ratios.

It uses less battery power for the same amount of performance and doesn’t throttle its CPU while performing heavy multitasking. It can even handle heavier software like Photoshop and video editing jobs for a “light” laptop.

However, the 256GB version also has slower read/write performance than the 512GB version. This may also be insufficient if you plan to store a lot of media files internally. However, you can alleviate this limitation with an external hard drive.

Upgrading to its higher tier of 512GB better protects your laptop for the future and greatly improves read/write capacity, thus speeding up your laptop and your work. The upgrade costs an additional $450, bringing the total price to $2,149. This upgrade surpasses Aftershocks Forge 15 in price and graphics performance.

The $1,699 Macbook Air M2 is a very basic laptop for everyday use rather than specific business use. However, the $2,149 upgraded version may even be suitable for students who require serious processing and graphics power without the excess weight.

Price: $1,699


[+] Best Battery-Powered Laptop

[+] Lightweight

[+] Future-proof design and performance

The inconvenients:

[ – ] Some Windows applications may not work

[ – ] Limited ports – 2 x Thunderbolt (USB 4), 1 x 3.5mm audio jack

[ – ] Base model has low storage capacity and slow read/write speeds

Best for: Optimal use for most students

Useful accessoriesTo be added for students

Most college students are okay with anything they get out of their laptop box. However, a few accessories can go a long way to reducing obstacles and improving productivity.

The first concerns the external ports. These ports add additional port functions such as HDMI, additional USB C and even micro-SD card slots. Super handy for graphic design students and especially for MacBook Air users.

A laptop case or sleeve protects your laptop against unwanted bumps or scratches, leaving your device with a higher resale value.

Finally, get a mouse. Not only does this make using heavy software like SketchUp and Photoshop much easier to use, but it also makes it great fun when you’re not gaming to ease your worries.

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