7 Homework Tips From An Organizer In Norfolk


For nearly 12 months, the trip to the office meant getting out of bed and heading to an office very close to home.

But how do you make the most of your space to help with motivation and productivity?

Norfolk professional organizer Anita Fortes, who is accredited with the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisaters, offers her best advice.

She introduced him to the desk setups of four EDP reporters and offered seven tips for improving your office space.

1. Use space

Making the most of natural light and decluttering your desk are some of the best tips from a professional Norfolk organizer.
– Credit: Archant

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The best advice is to have only what you need on your desktop.

Ms Fortes said: “Try to set it up near a window and have some natural light, it makes a real difference.

“Make sure everything is completely necessary if you don’t need it for daily work, put it away and make this space.”

A lot of people probably have too many pens or paper clips in their pen holder, according to Fortes. Adding a lamp to work in the evening and some greenery can also give you a boost.

She added, “An upright storage container or a stand-up magazine file cabinet doesn’t take up a lot of desk space. “

2. Ergonomics

In an office environment, risk assessments are done to make sure employees have all the equipment they need – and this should apply to working from home as well.

Ms Fortes said: The height of your computer, the chair you took around the dining table, all of that is really important when working in a home environment.

“When that gets down to it, it might be worth considering investing in an ergonomic chair that offers good support for your spine, wrist guards when using a keyboard, and a laptop stand so that your computer is at a good height. ”

3. Pets

Finding your pet takes up space, cat television has proven to be popular for this feline.

Finding your pet takes up space, cat television has proven to be popular for this feline.
– Credit: Archant

Our four-legged friends must have got used to the return of their owners to the house.

Ms. Forte said it was a tricky area other than keeping your pets out of your space.

She said, “The more you try to move a cat away from a keyboard, the more it will want to be on the keyboard.

“It’s different with dogs. With my dog, I brought her bed and put it next to my desk. She’s sitting there and she’s very good at staying there when I’m working.”

4. Take breaks

Ms. Fortes is a follower of the Pomodoro technique, first developed in the 1980s. The technique uses a timer to divide work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes, separated by short pauses.

The professional organizer has an app on her phone that rings after 25 minutes, but a timer or alarm will do.

During breaks, move around, go to the garden, or take your daily walk, but avoid going directly from your computer to your phone.

Setting chores for kids can give you time to focus on your chores, says the professional organizer.

Setting chores for kids can give you time to focus on your chores, says the professional organizer.
– Credit: Archant

5. Sharing space

For home workers who share spaces, the former elementary school teacher said it can be difficult.

For parents, dividing their day into slots was a possible way, for them and for the children, in order to maintain their productivity.

Ms. Fortes said: “You have to get along and your kids want your attention, you absolutely feel pulled in two different directions.

“It’s best to give them 10 to 15 minutes of undivided attention. Give them 10 to 15 minute slots and give them a task while you do yours.”

6. Eat the frog

A motivational metaphor, for those with a long list who are wondering what to do first, make it the thing you least want to do.

Ms Fortes said: “The worst job? Do it first and do it, if you do it, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve accomplished something.”

7. Declutter regularly

When you are done with the day, tidy up your desk and put away your things until you need them out the next day. To prevent items from accumulating, be sure to store them in containers or get rid of items you don’t need.

“You don’t start the day in chaos, get into the habit of tidying up at the end of the day.”


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