A Delhi studio for creatives that elevates Zen minimalism


A series of desks with birch tops, arranged in a “U”, form an open-plan workstation in the center of the studio. Nearby, a low, open shelf delimits a table to form a corner where one can quickly meet or work quietly without feeling cut off from colleagues. “It also helps me keep an eye on my daughter every time I visit! Rasaily adds. Pine partitions with frosted glass panels create a separate area for the conference room without compromising the light and airy nature of the studio [featured image]. A similar effect is achieved on the opposite side, where alternating glass panels allow visual connectivity with the work area beyond.

The decor is deliberately sparse

Along with the different workspace setups, it was also important for Rasaily to include spaces where she and her team could relax. Our favorite corner of the studio is the compact, zen reading area which features a simple bench, small center table, and a slender floor lamp perched on a comfortable taupe rug. There is also a larger section for events and informal gatherings. All of the furniture here has a dual function: the plywood boards installed along the walls serve as both a seat and an exhibition area, and the low platform in the center includes built-in storage.

A world map, made from leftover wood, and bamboo pendant lights add a playful touch to the relaxation area

Playful dinosaur figurines, made from leftover wood; a pair of bookends; a few planters; and the weird woven basket are the only decor items you’ll find in this office space. “Since this is a design studio, we decided not to add too many elements so that they don’t clash with our thoughts and ideas,” Rasaily rationalizes. With delays and labor shortages due to pandemic lockdowns, bringing this studio to life has been a lesson in patience, she tells us. “I also understood the importance of land use planning and that it is not always necessary to use flashy materials to successfully develop a space”, adds- she does.

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