All In Productions Presents A New Work ABSENT Workshop


All In Productions presents a studio production of Absent, a new multimedia work written by Adam Qutaishat.

When Abby goes missing, the police think it’s an open and closed case. A deceased teacher, Abby’s fingerprints on the gun and her necklace found by the river. But his friends don’t believe it. The four people closest to Abby join forces to find out what really happened – in a group chat. It turns out that they know more than they have shared with the authorities and with each other. Will they be able to find out what really happened?

A one-of-a-kind production designed to be experienced both in person and virtually, Absent will put you in the group chat with Abby’s friends as they search for the truth.

Tickets are available for the Virtual Experience, and a limited number of tickets are available for the Live Experience at 53212 Presents.

COVID-19 Policy: Proof of vaccination is required for all members of the public. All members of the public should be masked while in the room.

This show is not recommended for children under 15.

CW / TW: Absent includes mentions and / or depictions of murder, sexual assault and sexual assault against minors, suicide, physical and emotional abuse of minors, gunfire and homophobia. There are no physical or visual representations of this content, but the subject matter is part of an immersive experience. The sudden sound of gunshots will occur during each performance.

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