AMPD Ventures Inc. Announces Expansion of Learning Factory Digital Twin Project in Partnership with Digital Technology Supercluster


AMPD Ventures Co-Founder and CEO Anthony Brown said, “By providing this Digital Twin technology to Canadian manufacturers, we will enable engineers to achieve the highest level of efficiency in the manufacturing process.

AMPD Ventures Inc has revealed that the Digital Technology Supercluster’s Learning Factory Digital Twin (LFDT) project has been extended, while its scope has also increased.

The LFDT project was first announced in March 2019 and aims to apply digital twinning to the manufacturing process of aerospace components, creating “virtual reality versions” or digital twins of parts, processes and facilities. manufactured.

The Vancouver-based next-generation infrastructure company noted that until now, creating and finalizing designs for manufacturing facilities has been an expensive process. However, the Learning Factory incorporates the latest virtual technologies and leverages AMPD’s high performance computing platform, complemented by LlamaZOO’s Clarity software, enabling remote monitoring of facilities and equipment, layout planning, inspection and training.

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This allows users to virtually access and work within large-scale industrial production to create digital industrial tools, the company said.

“Aerospace manufacturing is another complex process that is now made easier through advances in commercial technology and the power of data-driven collaboration with our partners,” LlamaZOO Interactive Inc CEO Charles Lavigne said in a statement. communicated.

“We are excited to see how these advancements have enabled efficiencies in training, maintenance, real-time monitoring and innovation for the LFDT project, and what this next step has in store for us.”

Meanwhile, Avcorp chief executive Mike Elvidge said it had been a “great benefit” for Avcorp to collaborate and learn from its digital technology partners on the project.

“Until now, our method of evaluating workspaces and workflows has been very manual and time-consuming,” Elvidge added. “Being able to digitize, visualize and track proposed and active processes allows us to experiment with ideas on how to improve and simulate finding and optimizing solutions much faster.”

The sentiment was echoed by Göran Fernlund, who is president of Convergent Manufacturing Technologies: “This new capability has the potential to revolutionize planning, process control and quality assurance in aerospace manufacturing. Plant-wide installations of this new predictive digital twin are planned for 2022.”

Digital Supercluster CEO Sue Paish said she’s excited to see how this innovation will advance aerospace manufacturing in Canada.

“We are delighted to extend our investment in the Learning Factory Digital Twin project. This project shows how digital solutions can solve some of the world’s biggest problems,” said Paish. “We are honored to support this ambitious undertaking.”

In closing, AMPD Ventures Co-Founder and CEO Anthony Brown noted that it’s a “privilege” to work with the company’s project partners within the digital supercluster.

“By providing this Digital Twin technology to Canadian manufacturers, we will enable engineers to achieve the highest level of efficiency in the manufacturing process,” noted Brown.

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