Analog acquires Maxim, launches new products


Analog Devices Inc. completed the acquisition of Maxim Integrated Products in August, bringing its workforce to 10,000 engineers. The deal was initially valued at nearly $ 21 billion when it was announced in 2020.

This week, Analog announced two new devices offering examples of the type of work to come from the combined entity.

A new integrated circuit, the MAX77659, is a single output, multiple inductance (SIMO) power management chip for use in portable devices, audible devices, and IoT devices. The company said it will charge devices faster while using less space than any comparable device today.

It is designed to provide over four hours of playing time after a 10 minute charge. It uses a single inductor to power multiple rails, which can reduce the BOM by 60% and the size of the device by half.

The MAX77659 is available now for $ 2.50 in 1000-unit packs.

Analog Devices also announced a Single Chip Analog Front End (AFE) to measure four vital signs: EKG, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and respiration. The MAX86178 offers PPG and ECG optical synchronization.

With three healthcare subsystems on a single chip, Analog said it can offer new approaches for chronic disease management and the diagnosis of contagious diseases, even COVID-19. It will be used in small body worn devices such as a chest worn monitor.

The MAX86178 is available now.

The new AFE chip “gives the possibility of [disease] detection and with the advent of AI and analytics, more data-driven decisions can be made, ”said Andrew Baker, general manager of the industry and healthcare business unit for Analog Devices, in an interview. .

Editor’s Note: Analog Devices has a booth at Sensors Converge in San Jose September 22-23.

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