Apex Legends fans are cooking up new ideas for Revenant’s ultimate


Summit Legends fans are talking about ideas for a potentially reworked version of Revenant’s Death Totem ultimate ability.

Reddit user Kvetanista kicked off the discussion when he asked, “What if Death Totem turns you into a Shadow Royale-like shadow?” During the Shadow Royale limited-time mode, defeated teammates return as shadows. Although they cannot fire weapons, they have increased melee strength, they run faster and can run up walls, and they can revive downed teammates, among other benefits. Kvetanista’s proposal is to combine these abilities with Death Totem’s existing Death Ward feature, which sends teammates back to the Totem’s location rather than knocking them down after taking fatal damage.

Their suggestion has sparked a lot of discussion among fans, with many hoping Revenant will receive a buff or revamp in the not-too-distant future. A suggestion called for Death Totem to be replaced entirely with a “personal transformation” for Revenant that effectively gives him a second life. Another fan said that the Totem’s death protection should be removed in favor of a series of buffs that stay active as long as the Totem isn’t destroyed. They suggested buffs to movement speed, reload speed, or damage reduction, as well as allowing all Revenant teammates to wall climb as he can.

At the time of writing, Revenant has a low 2.6% choice among all players, with an even lower pick rate of 0.3% among Master players and Summit Predator level players. It hasn’t been adjusted beyond minor balance changes and bug fixes over the past few seasons, which likely prompted Kvetanista’s initial suggestion.


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