Asda shoppers praise worker’s ‘incredible’ gesture as customer rushes to hospital


An Asda worker has been called a stunner by shoppers after she made her way to care for a pensioner when his wife was rushed to hospital. Rachael of Asda’s Witham Highfields Road supermarket looked after an 80-year-old regular customer while his wife was in hospital.

Rachael, upon hearing the news, went out of her way to go check on the man in his 80s after noticing his mood was dropping. According to the Facebook post, Rachel went out of her way to shop for him and make sure he was okay during the difficult time.

She has now been nominated for an Asda Superstar award thanks to her hard work. Store manager David, who nominated Rachael for an Asda Service Superstar award, said: “We have a couple in their 80s who come to our store and have been there for as long as I’ve been here. The husband is at least once a day, and when his wife was taken to the hospital, he came every day to tell us all his news. Hearing this, Rachael took it upon herself to go see him and to make sure he was okay.

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“Over the week his mood took a turn for the worse, so Rachael started doing a bit of shopping for him and generally looking after him. It wasn’t much, but it’s small things. like this that make all the difference to some people especially the elderly. Just would like to acknowledge and thank Rachael for doing this without being asked. The gentleman is now back shopping everyday and luckily, his wife came home from the hospital.

People have taken to Asda’s Facebook page to praise Rachael. Rhonda Finlayson said: Congratulations Rachael, well done. You are a major asset to your team and your store. How much care and kindness your actions show. You understand what good customer service is. And earn the Asda Service Superstar Award for your attention.”

Rachael who helped the man in the 80s when his wife was in hospital

Rowan Lesniak said: “Bravo Rachael for your kindness. It must have meant a lot to this man, it’s difficult when your loved one is in hospital on many levels. Thank you for going above and beyond to help! Respect.”

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