Bella Hadid facialist Kristyn Smith opens her Tribeca studio, hands-on


Smith is currently just a referral – she sees four clients a day – but two additional rooms in the practice allow three other beauticians to work on new clients. The limited space is by design: “We don’t want an overcrowded waiting room where customers have to think too much about possibly seeing someone, and we also stagger appointments so we never having too many people in space at the same time,” she says.

Kristyn Smith

Photo: Shelby Pine for Pracitse NYC

Refreshingly, Smith’s slower approach is reflected in a low-key social media presence (she has less than 5,000 followers on Instagram) for an expert you might otherwise expect to explode across platforms. (After all, what’s more clickable than a Hadid?) “I love that people feel a sense of relief that the experience is a little more private when they’re here,” Smith says. , who grew up in a very prominent family in his small California hometown. “If you take a picture and post, I love it, thank you, but if you put your camera away, I’m so glad you’re actually there.” That said, the floor-to-ceiling window that spans the entire room practically turns Smith’s treatment room into a light box just begging for a post-facial selfie, so there’s a chance those subscriber numbers are up. about to turn a corner. Indeed, Jablonski has already let himself go.


Environ Skin EssentiA Vita Anti-Oxidant AVST Moisturizer 1

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Environ Skin EssentiA Vita Anti-Oxidant AVST Moisturizer 1

“Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins for the skin. It balances skin tone, promotes healthy collagen and elastin formation, accelerates healing, and promotes and maintains a healthy dermis/epidermis.

Skin Ceuticals B5 Moisturizing Gel

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SkinCeuticals B5 Moisturizing Gel

“Hyaluronic acid provides essential moisture to the skin before the application of any finishing product and improves skin texture, superficial fine lines and even clogged pores.”

Typology 100% Squalane Dry Skin Serum

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Typology LAB-1004 Nourishing Serum Dry Skin 100% Squalane

“Similar to hyaluronic acid, when I first heard of squalane oil and was able to use it in my practice, it almost instantly became a favorite. It works well on all skin types, it is also light and rich in antioxidants.

Li Organics Liquid Amber Concentrate Serum

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Li Organics Liquid Amber Concentrate Serum

“An antioxidant component will always be important because we are constantly attacked by free radicals.”

Omnilux Contour FACE

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Omnilux Contour Face Red-Therapy device

“All my clients know that an LED device would be my favorite product ‘if you were alone on a desert island’. LED reduces inflammation and redness, stimulates collagen and elastin production and neutralizes bacteria in skin.


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