BMW iX Workshop – Everything you need to know about the powertrain


The BMW iX is the best the brand has to offer on a technical level. It’s built on its own bespoke architecture which is quite high-tech in itself, it has the brand’s latest electric powertrain technology, and it even has some of BMW’s best software. It is literally the technological pinnacle of the BMW brand right now. In this new video, we learn a bit more about the technology of the iX, especially its powertrain.

The BMW iX is the brand’s latest Gen5 electric drive unit. In this BMW iX xDrive50-spec there are actually two drive units, one at the rear axle and one at the front. Each drive unit consists of the electric motor, one-speed transmission and all the required electronics, all bundled into a compact unit. According to BMW, it is free from magnets and other rare earth materials, while still being 93% efficient.

The total system power for the BMW iX xDrive50 is 385 kW (516 hp), which also makes it the most powerful electrified BMW in history. It should go 0-60mph in the low four-second range, which is about as fast as the X5 M50i.

A 111.5 kWh (105.2 kWh net) battery sends juice to the drive units, making it the largest battery ever installed in a BMW vehicle. During this presentation we got to see the battery pack up close and how its modular cells can be easily swapped out if needed. It’s smart stuff.

BMW also claims that the iX can achieve a charging speed of 205 kW, which would make it one of the fastest charging electric vehicles on the market. There are a few brands that have faster charging speeds; Tesla, Audi and Lucid, but the BMW iX still charges extremely quickly.

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Horatiu was fortunate enough to drive the BMW iX while in Munich and his review is coming soon. Until then, check out some of the exciting tech behind the iX.

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