Businessman murdered at the door of his factory in Caseros: the alleged perpetrator of the crime has been arrested


And 17-year-old boy arrested in the last hours indicated as presumed material author of crime of a businessman in Caseros. The teenager is said to be the one who shot Rolando Omar Villafañe during a robbery at the door of his factory in February.

He is the fifth suspect arrested accused of having participated in the assault and murder of the 61-year-old man. He will be questioned in the next few hours by the prosecution in charge of the investigation.

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Police and justice spokespersons informed telam what the young man is believed to be the one who fired the shots at Villafañe as they fled the scene after he also shot them dead. The other detainees so far were Gabriel Lautaro Lorenzo, 30; an 18-year-old boy nicknamed “El Feo” and two 16-year-old teenagers.

All the detainees are at the disposal of the justice of the San Martín Juvenile Criminal Responsibility Jurisdiction, which is carrying out the investigation under the title “aggravated homicide by the use of a firearm, felony, cause and by the participation of minors”.

How the murder of the businessman in Caseros happened

Villafañe’s murder occurred at 12:41 a.m. on Monday, February 14, in a cotton factory located at 5,445 Ángel Pini Street, between Martín de Álzaga and Spandonari, de Caseros. The attack was recorded by the security cameras of the same factory.

The moment the criminals intercept the businessman and shoot him. (Photo: Capture Video)

The victim had arrived with his Ford Ranger truck, and after having activated the opening of the gate of his cotton factory with a remote control, he had reversed with his vehicle.

On the images we see that thirty seconds later a Peugeot 208 car arrives a few meters from the entrance to the factory, from which four criminals, some armed, come out.

In the video, we can see that approaching the factory gate with robbery intentions, Villafañe reacts by opening fire from inside with the 9 millimeter caliber pistol he had in his possession . Immediately, the attackers, who practically failed to enter, fled in the opposite direction. One of them stumbles and fires the shots in the factory that end Villafañe’s life. Meanwhile, in the Peugeot, a fifth accomplice was waiting for them who acted as a driver and who also escaped in the vehicle.

The businessman tried to defend himself

Neighbors who heard the shots called 911 to report a person with gunshot wounds. Inside the factory, its owner, Villafañe, was injured in the abdomen and lying next to his Ford Ranger.

The daughter of the businessman murdered in Caseros demanded justice for her father, during a demonstration with neighbors and relatives. (Photo: Capture TN)

The merchant himself I used to work only at dawn to prepare morning ordersphoned her daughter’s husband for help because he had been shot.

The son-in-law arrived at the scene and took him in a vehicle to the Trinidad de Ramos Mejía clinic, where despite attempts to resuscitate him, died after cardiac arrest.

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In the victim’s truck A Browning 9mm pistol was seized. what it is believed that he was shot by the merchant. The weapon, which bears the inscription “Policía de la Provincia de Buenos Aires”, was mounted, there were 11 bullets in the magazine and five pods served on site.

Although different hypotheses were first considered, the observation that the prosecutor and the police made of a series of videos from the security cameras of the same cotton factory clearly showed that it was an attempted robbery, which Villafañe himself resisted.


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