Canadian Grain Commission hires and pays up to $ 65,000 with just a high school diploma


What do you know about Canadian grain? Well, a federal department is prepared to teach you the trade and pay you up to $ 65,000 in return.

The best of all? When it comes to education requirements, they only require that you have a high school diploma.

The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) is looking to work with brand new interns in Quebec who can move up the ranks in the Canadian grain trade.

Applications will be accepted until December 11.

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What are the positions?

The CGC hires many people to join its intern program before they are accepted into their full work level positions as a seasoned grain inspector in their workforce.

“The CGC is an important part of Canada’s vibrant and diverse agricultural sector. We regulate grain handling in Canada, set grain standards and conduct grain research. At the CGC, we strive to live our values ​​of excellence, integrity, respect and responsibility. the website reads.

The four-year development program is a blend of theoretical and practical learning.

A grain inspector intern would ultimately perform inspections and analyze grain samples, determine its protein content, keep records of your work, store data, deliver grain, perform audits and more.

You will also need to work in a heavy industrial environment and be exposed to moving wagons, dust, noise, bird droppings, heights and rats.

What are the requirements?

What makes this job interesting is that you can make a lot of money by only requiring a high school diploma.

If you don’t have one, that’s fine too! This is because you can also present a combination of education, training and experience instead.

Applicants will also be assessed for their language skills, as bilingualism is also required for the position.

A second language writing self-assessment is available for free to help you decide if you want to apply.

What is the salary of beginner, intermediate and full trainees?

The first step to landing a full-time position is to complete the four-year program and eventually move up the ranks.

A grain inspector trainee can earn between $ 46,233 and $ 56,844 while completing his 48-month training.

After successfully developing the required skills, they can hope to take the next step, where they will be placed as an intermediate grain inspector. There, you could fetch between $ 50,964 and $ 60,703.

The last step is to work as a grain inspector. In this position, you can expect to earn $ 54,673 to $ 65,279 per year. Not too bad!

The deadline to apply is December 11 at midnight.


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