Cook County Commissioner Frank J. Aguilar Facilitates Workshop on Property Tax Appeals



Cook County Commissioner Frank J. Aguilar was joined by Berwyn Assessor Jacqueline Pereda and Board of Review Commissioner Tammy Wendt to help residents file and respond to property tax appeals other tax-related matters.

Cook County Commissioner Frank J. Aguilar (16th) joined Berwyn Rater Jacqueline Pereda and Cook County Review Board Commissioner Tammy Wendt for an information seminar on how to do it. appeal your property taxes. The event, which brought together more than 80 residents, took place in the Berwyn Police Department Community Hall.

“It is essential that we give residents the opportunity to obtain important tax information whenever we can. We need to make sure that officials are not just promoting these events, but giving residents all the tools they need to take advantage of these programs, ”Cook County Commissioner Frank J. Aguilar said.

“I am very proud that we are able to put these resources in the hands of our residents and give them the support they need to move forward. “

This workshop explained how and when to file an appeal through the Review Board website. It also gave instructions on how to pre-file an appeal and allowed participants to view demonstrations of the appeal process online. This workshop combined important information with accessibility, making sure people were both aware of this program and how best to get these resources.

Cook County Commissioner Frank J. Aguilar Facilitates Workshop on Property Tax Appeals
Cook County Commissioner Frank J. Aguilar Facilitates Workshop on Property Tax Appeals

“Homeowners have real difficulties with their property tax bills and the process begins with a fair appraisal of their home,” said Tammy Wendt, commissioner of the 1st District Board of Review.

“My office is committed to assisting the community in the appeal process. I think face-to-face events that allow owners to engage with my analysts are the best way to help.

This seminar is intended for the community, so it is imperative that residents’ feedback and lived experience be incorporated into every step of the way. By prioritizing a collaborative environment, elected officials are able to gain information about residents in a way that has real benefits in the present to help those who qualify.

“We just wrapped up another successful appeals awareness event and received excellent feedback from attendees. I want to thank everyone who came and made this possible, ”said Jacqueline, Assessor for the Township of Berwyn.

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