Copyright dispute involving “Top Gun: Maverick” dismissed by Paramount studio.


The creators of Tom Cruise’s blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick” have filed paperwork to have a copyright case against the film dismissed.

Regarding the story of the magazine that inspired the first “Top Gun”, the production company was sued.

Writer Ehud Yonay’s wife, Shosh, and son Yuval Yonay filed a complaint in June. The plaintiff claimed that the production company produced the sequel despite not renewing the rights it had acquired for the original film.

Paramount has now claimed that the new film is a work of fiction and does not borrow any concept from the magazine article published many years ago.

According to the people, the studio said, “Any similarity between these very different works stems from the fact that Top Gun is a true naval training center.”

Studio lawyers included. “Claimants do not own the exclusive rights to the Top Gun-related works.”

The studio further argues that there are many parallels between the original work and the follow-up that can be used to support their position.

After 35 years, copyright law allows authors to recover the rights to their creations. According to Variety, Yonay died in 2012, but his widow and son terminated the studio’s rights to the article in 2018 by filing notice.

According to reports, Yonays also sought a lump sum payment for damages, which included lost profits, revenue and legal costs.

The next court appearance is scheduled for September 26.


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