Corruption watchdog holds workshop – Post Courier


ANTI-CORRUPTION watchdog Transparency International PNG hosted a workshop last week to show how interested agencies can develop organic anti-corruption strategies to strengthen their mandate and better interact with the public.

The workshop was part of TIPNG’s Anti-Corruption and Integrity Strategies (PAIS) Promotion Project, which is funded by the European Union.

“At TIPNG, we have positioned ourselves as a strong and willing partner to empower Papua New Guinea to boldly fight all forms of corruption in our country,” said Arianne Kassman, CEO of TIPNG, during the workshop.

“We want to engage critically and constructively with all stakeholders and encourage popular demand for good governance and accountability, but this cannot be achieved without the help of our existing state agencies. TIPNG is committed to working with agencies to build public confidence through the development and sharing of anti-corruption strategies at the agency level.

The half-day workshop was co-facilitated by TIPNG and Square Circle, a global development consultancy firm based in Brisbane, Australia.

The main objective of the workshop was to inform interested agencies about the content of the generic anti-corruption strategy template developed by TIPNG and Square Circle, and to show how the template could be customized for each agency.

Today’s workshop was attended by the Office of the Auditor General; Constitutional and Legislative Reform Commission; Interim Office of the ICAC; National Economic and Fiscal Commission (NEFC); National Judicial Personnel Services and nd the Public Services Commission (PSC).

TIPNG, through the PAIS project, will work with state agencies to develop internal anti-corruption strategies throughout 2021, which will be shared with citizens and journalists so that they can ” engage more effectively with the public sector to take action against corruption.

This work was informed by TIPNG’s 2021 National Integrity System Assessment (NISA) report, which found that the 14 Pillars of National Integrity in PNG were less than adequate.

In addition, NISA has identified a clear integrity gap between existing laws and agency practice. Internal anti-corruption strategies developed by TIPNG in partnership with selected agencies will help address this lack of integrity.


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