Creative workshops in Playa del Carmen


According to Sakari Malinen, Sales Manager, Hoteles Xcaret, the philosophy behind the creation of the Xcaret Arte hotel was to create a space for travelers to experience all of Mexico’s different cultures in one place.

“Our owner’s philosophy has always been that he understands that not everyone can go to every corner of the country and to all the amazing villages, so he wants to bring the best of Mexico to one place where you can have it all. see, “Malinen shared.

One of the ways the resort showcases these different cultures is through its art workshops. The property is divided into five houses, or casas, and each casa has its own themed workshop for guests to try out.

For example, Casa de la Música offers a dance workshop and Casa del Diseño a weaving workshop. Other offerings include painting, pottery and literature.

Guests staying at the Xcaret Arte hotel do not need to go shopping for souvenirs in town, as they have the opportunity to create crafts on their own throughout their stay, while learning something about them. new.

In addition to immersing themselves in a new activity, visitors can also explore the waters from a paddleboard or kayak, indulge in delicious and unique flavors and visit the Muluk Spa. Those who prefer to venture off the property can take a trip to one of the many parks nearby, and transportation to and from the parks as well as entrance fees are included.

The colorful space where the weaving workshops take place at the Xcaret Arte hotel. (photo by Codie Liermann)

To find out more about the workshops or make a reservation at the Hotel Xcaret Arte, contact a travel advisor or Click here.


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