Dance of legends workshop at Studio T


Have a nice day Rewind – 7/12If you think you missed out on something fun on today’s show, here’s where you can catch up! It’s a good rewind day!

Question of the day – 7/12Tina ends a Monday show with a question: What pets do you have?

Teen’s Tune, BONUS EDITION – 7/12ANOTHER Teen for teens? Sure why not? More random stuff from the vast Macuha music library, play with us!

Dance of legends workshop at Studio TA local dance studio brings in legends from the dance scene, sharing their skills in a dance workshop! Miss Tee from Studio T Dance joins Dina Kupfer to give us a preview!

Café Bobalicious in StocktonThere’s a new cafe in Stockton, and it’s bobalicious! No, that’s the name, it’s the Bobalicious Café, and Marco Solis joins Tina to show us the menu!

Ideas for National Mac and Cheese DayDid you know that National Mac and Cheese Day is Wednesday? Professional dietitian Sarah Crawford joins Cody with some recipe ideas for the big day, then breaks Cody’s heart at the end of the interview.

Court Fashion Forum – ESPY AwardsThe ESPY Awards were held last weekend, so we’re going to be judged on Monday! Court is here with Fashion Forum!

Trivia Toast – 7/12It’s (one of the) TV game (s) sweeping the nation! Let’s see what Good Day players know in today’s Trivia Toast!

She is 105 years old today!Happy birthday to Alice Fitzgerald! She is 105 years old today! We meet her and also chat with her great-great-niece, Shawntel, who has written to let us know!

Rebel rhythm cycleEach month, the studio hosts a free community course to support one or more people or a group in need. There is no charge for the class, donations are encouraged.

What is your child doing? – 7/12We will meet Lucas Cronan, a young amputee who has just received a running prosthetic leg. He is honored at this year’s Celebration of Heart gala. Dina Kupfer speaks with him and his mother via Zoom.

Musicians and mental healthOver 70% of musicians, like Brett Newski, suffer from anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. As recent news has shed light on the devastating toll being in the spotlight can have on a musician or singer, singer / songwriter and musician Newski is releasing his first illustrated book on tackling the stigma of being a singer. mental illness, It’s Hard to be a Person: Overcome Anxiety, Survive the World and Have More Fun, accompanied by an original soundtrack from the book containing 8 original songs.

Truck gameThe Game Truck stopped on the Good Day campus! Julissa jumped in with some friends!

Music for teens – 7/12Tina is here with a Monday Teen’s Tune! She has random stuff from her huge music library, play with us!

Alpine Climbing Adventure – RiponThere is a brand new place in Ripon where you can practice your climbing skills! Tony Levy with Alpine Climbing Adventure Fitness joins Tina in showing us their amazing setup, including a 55ft climbing wall! WOW!

FanPAWstic News – 7/12A Frenchie is SHOCKED to find his missing ball, and a famous cat on Instagram is just the start of the fanPAWstic news you’ll see today! Here is Tina!

We meet super fan Jaxon from Luke Combs!Lori Wallace meets Jaxon, a super Luke Combs fan whose videos of him singing Luke songs have earned him some internet fame! Sing it, Jaxon!

“The Incredible Dr Pol” on Nat Geo Wild“The Incredible Dr. Pol” is starting a new season, and the Good Doctor himself joins Courtney and Cody to talk about what we can see this season!

California State Career FairPolish your CV and present yourself in your best light, because the State of California is looking for new employees! Lanaya and Brandon from the California Department of Human Resources join Tina to tell us about an upcoming career fair!

News from the strange – 7/12Nothing crazier than News of the Weird!

Magic campJulissa is going to blow us away with the new magic tricks she learned at Sacramento Magic Academy!

Daddy Joke – 7/12Papa Stark always brings the funny one and he will bring it back in today’s daddy joke of the day!

Dirt, sweat and beers!Feel good and do good with REI in the Dirt, Sweat & Beers 5K / 10K Run + DIY Cleanup series! Find out all the details of this brand new innovative racing series that will make you feel good and do good with REI. Lori Wallace visited REI in Sacramento to find out more!

Sing it to me – 7/12Can the Good Day Players finish the lyrics to this Hall & Oates classic? Find out in today’s edition of Sing it to Me!

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