Darrah and Miller, two outgoing Cedar Falls councilors, were honored for their service


The polls counted the results of the hotly contested second round of the Cedar Falls municipal election. By a very slim margin of 97 votes, outgoing Cedar Falls mayor Rob Green beat City Councilor General Dave Sires.

Green expressed his gratitude and future ambitions in a Facebook video.

Report on the unofficial results Green won by a very slim margin of 3,534 votes to 3,437 for the stallions. The stallions could protest the results and demand a recount, according to KWWL.

“I am delighted to have won the most votes in this mayoral election.” There is no guarantee of a positive outcome, but the fact that the majority of people trust me to run the city for another two years means a lot to me. Starting in January, I look forward to working with a supportive council to implement the five elements of the PS-22 plan to reform the public security service. I want to express my gratitude to both of my opponents.

The unofficial results report that Green narrowly won with 3,534 votes, while Sires garnered 3,437 votes. As reported by KWWL, Sires could challenge and request a recount.

The results of the second round of the election for mayor of Cedar Falls, much disputed, are taken from the polls. Outgoing Cedar Falls mayor Rob Green won over City Councilor General Dave Sires by a narrow margin of 97 votes.

In a video on Facebook, Green shared his thanks and plans for the future.

“I am very honored to have received the most votes in this mayoral contest. No outcome is certain, and it means a lot to me that the majority of voters trust me to lead the city for another two years. I look forward to working with a support council to implement the five points of the PS-22 plan to reform the public security department, starting in January. I want to thank my two opponents, Tom Blanford and Dave Sires, for running vigorous campaigns and ensuring that voters have a clear choice of who to vote.

All local communities need to plan for the future of their district. This process begins with a strategic community plan and a corporate business plan. The Strategic Community Plan is a 10-year plan that sets out the aspirations, vision and goals of the community, is developed with input from the community, and is adopted by the council.

The local government administration then develops a four-year business plan that prioritizes all the projects, services and activities necessary for the implementation of the community strategic plan. It should state how much each will cost, what assets will be involved and who will implement them. The business plan should be developed using information strategies, especially asset management, long-term financial planning, and workforce planning. These provide information on the capacity of the local government to provide the services requested by the community. Information strategies on specific issues, such as community safety or major infrastructure works, also help local government deliver these services.

The board does not need to approve the operational plan or business unit plans referenced in the company’s business plan, but it does need to consider long-term community goals and capacity achievement of local government when deciding its priorities. The council reviews the community strategic plan every two years through a desk review, to ensure that it meets the changing needs of the community. The Board is required to conduct a comprehensive review of the plan every four years. The Council will also review the business plan annually, to respond to changes inside and outside of local government. This process also helps the board establish the annual budget.

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  • Darrah and Miller, two outgoing Cedar Falls councilors, were honored for their service
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