‘Devil’s Workshop’ Exclusive Shows Demon Blood Ritual


It’s described as “Sunset Boulevard” on acid.

Lionsgate just shared with us this exclusive clip from The Devil’s Workshopa new demonic thriller from director Chris von Hoffman. It follows a struggling actor who confronts his demons in an effort to get his career back on track. But in the process, he may have just made a pact with the devil! The clip below shows the bloody start to a series of dark rituals that protagonist Clayton must go through to prove his commitment.

In The Devil’s Workshop“Struggling actor Clayton (Timothy Granaderos, 13 reasons why) desperately seeks a role as a demonologist. But he has hostile competition with his longtime rival, Donald (Emile Hirsch, In nature). Determined to land the role at all costs, he contacts Eliza (Radha Mitchell, man on fire), an expert in the devil’s lore, to help him prepare. Spending the weekend at home, Eliza forces Clayton to confront her troubling past through the practice of dark rituals. Does she want to help Clayton, seduce him – or destroy him? The shocking climax will ignite your soul.

Check out the Red Band trailer below.

The Devil’s Workshop is a play filmed in the vein of an 85-minute existential Tales from the Crypt episode. It’s an intense exchange, mostly in pairs, between a troubled man in his thirties and an older, wiser woman in his fifties,” says director Chris von Hoffmann. “Tonally, think of it as sunset boulevard with acid. A psychological drama that morphs fiercely into full-fledged horror in the final 20 minutes. The horror itself is simply a stylistic vehicle to explore two mentally disturbed characters.

The Devil’s Workshop hits select theaters and on VOD September 30.

Disclosure: Nick Taylor is associate producer on The Devil’s Workshop.

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