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Chief Petty Officers from across the island of Oahu gathered at the Beeman Center aboard Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to deliver a Selection Board Records Review Workshop to Selection Board-eligible Petty Officers First Class to provide mentorship and feedback, April 8.

Sailors deemed eligible based on the results of their Navy-wide advancement exam have the opportunity to submit a letter to the board to correct any errors in their record, provide clarifications, or call attention to accomplishments. specific in their package.

“We’re not here to trust them with secrets on the board,” said Billy Smith, Master Chief of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Command. “Per Navy instructions, we cannot disclose what will be discussed at the council, but what we can do is coach them and coach them and make sure what they have is what the council needs to. see to select them based on their career path and ranking.

NAVADMIN 072/22 has announced the Fiscal Year 2023 Selection Board Schedule for Chief Petty Officer. Letters to the Board of Directors (LTB) are due May 23 for eligible reserve sailors and June 20 for eligible active duty sailors.

There were 12 Chief Petty Officers and Chief Petty Officers who came to give their input at the workshop which was open to eligible Chief Petty Officers from across the island.

“This is a large fleet concentration area and we want to reach as many of those who are eligible to provide them with the guidance they need,” Smith said. “We tried to have petty officers and chief petty officers who actually sat on the boards or participated in them. Everyone here today has experience and has helped people overcome the hurdle of becoming a chef.

Culinary Specialist 1st Class Jose Betancourt, who organized this event with the assistance of Chief Master-At-Arms Specialist Mike Langehennig, understood that not all commands have the resources or capabilities to host an event like this- ci and empower their sailors with this type of mentorship.

“It means a lot to be able to bring all of these resources together for the first grades in the region,” Betancourt said. “We all have our personal and professional goals, and this is an opportunity to receive advice and get as much information as possible to achieve them.”

Sailors were encouraged to bring copies of their personal data summaries, service records, evaluations and written LTB or career summary letters.

Reviewers were looking for accuracy of awards, qualifications and education, possible missing documents and gaps in review history, as incomplete and incorrect records can mean a missed opportunity in selection. They also provided feedback on how to highlight career progression in line with a service member’s learning and development roadmap.

“We want to make sure they have the right things front and center in their packages,” Smith said. “For example, when it comes to awards, an impact award can say more than an end-of-tour award, and we’re here to guide members on what feels strongest to the board.”

It is not a guarantee to the board as to what grade a service member’s package will receive, as some boards meet with multiple grades under review. That’s why it’s important to make sure the job posting clearly and effectively reflects career progression and sustained top performance.

The panel of examiners included several senior command leaders and spanned nine rates, ensuring candidates had the opportunity to have a diverse look at their package.

“For those who can’t make it to events like these, you can always reach out to mentors, the current chain of command, or use networking tools,” Betancourt said. “The online ‘Ask the Leader’ group is helpful and most ratings have dedicated groups that are helpful for contacting and asking questions of subject matter experts who know your rating.”

Electronic Submission of Selection Board Documents (ESSBD) is the preferred method for submitting an LTB. Applicants can access ESSBD through the My Navy portal (https://www.mnp.navy.mil/group/advancement-and-promotion) by logging in, accessing the Advancement and Promotion webpage, and selecting the ESSBD link.

Those who are unable to submit electronically may consult NAVADMIN 220/19 for other options or submit by post to MyNavy Career Center.

The reserve selection boards will meet on June 6 and are scheduled to adjourn on June 24. Active duty selection boards will meet July 5 and are scheduled to adjourn July 29. candidates before the call dates.

Official table results will be provided online via BUPERS Online to authorized Command representatives prior to the release of official results via NAVADMIN.

“If someone isn’t successful this year, hopefully they can take the experience and knowledge we gave them today and apply it again later,” Smith said. “We hope to help them avoid making the same mistakes, empower them to move forward with management and put together a stronger whole.”

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