Everything you need to know to grow your own garlic


If you’ve ever gardened, you know that sometimes the harvest is overwhelming. However, don’t throw away your garlic. Once your friends and family have had their fill, here are some unique ideas to help you use up your extra fresh garlic. If you’ve planted garlic, more than likely, you know exactly what to do with it – eat it. Fresh garlic brings sauces, meats and dressings to life. Still, if you’ve harvested pounds and pounds of it, you might run out of ideas. One thing you can do to make your fresh garlic last even longer and give it more uses is to dehydrate it.

According to Alpha Foodie, you can make dried garlic flakes with your local garlic. Have you ever read the list of fillers on the back of a bottle of dried garlic flakes? When you create your own, you combine convenience and all-natural. No charges. Clean, peel and slice the garlic or blend it quickly in the food processor, then use a dehydrator to do the rest of the work. Store your dehydrated garlic in a glass jar and keep it near the spices. You can also set up shop at a farmer’s market and sell your fresh garlic. You will earn some money and meet like-minded people who love fresh produce.

Garlic has antiviral properties and has been used since ancient times to fight disease (via National Library of Medicine). Keep some garlic on hand to protect yourself during cold and flu season. Eat one to two cloves of raw garlic daily unless you experience side effects, such as heartburn, acid reflux, or increased bleeding. You can use leftover garlic for planting in the fall.


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