Foot Locker Workshop calls on creatives to build community together


Event host Denise Jones spoke with streetwear designer Don C about his new All City by Don C collection with Foot Locker, what inspired the collection and what the future holds for the collection. Reserve. Don C also offered tips and tricks to all of the designers and brands in attendance.

To celebrate the new All City by Just Don collection, created in partnership by Foot Locker and streetwear designer Don C, the sports retailer has hosted several workshops for creatives and designers to come together and create a community of people who want help each other to succeed. .

The event took place at Foot Locker in downtown Los Angeles. Participants were greeted by a live DJ and enjoyed a drink or a meal before the start of the event. Selected guests received gift bags filled with various pieces from the All City Collection, and pieces from the collection were also available for purchase. Foot Locker has also set up custom embroidery stations so that anyone who has received the All City merchandise can make it unique and theirs.

At the start of the event, Don C and event host Denise Jones discussed various topics, including the All City collection, where the collection’s inspirations come from and what the future of the collection is like. Reserve. Don C explained how important it is to be authentic to yourself when creating, which the embroidery stations illustrated.

After the conversation, the floor was opened so that the brands and designers who attended the event could promote their projects to the crowd and give a quick pitch to Don C, who then followed the designers on social media. . Many brands and designers who attended the event, such as Urban Nature, Norwood Chapters and Blondie Beach, had previously worked with Foot Locker and had their designs at various Foot Locker locations in Los Angeles County.

The event ended with a give and take networking activity, where someone offered their services, such as photography, design, styling or marketing, and then asked the crowd for help with something. which she needed in return. The final activity further strengthened the power of a community working together, as everyone was happy to connect with each other to advance each other’s creative visions.

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