Forsyth County: stables, motor condos and personal warehouses, new location


Elevation of the Forsyth Project

A 3d render of a white building with black trim

Elevation of the Forsyth Project

A 3d render of a white building with black trim

Elevation of the Forsyth Project

Stables Motor Condos and Personal Warehouse have partnered to build a multi-purpose warehouse complex in Forsyth County, Georgia.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, October 29, 2021 / – Forsyth County Commissioners have unanimously approved the zoning of Stables Motor Condos which opens the door to the next stage of business development.

Over the past year, the stables team have worked hard behind the scenes to secure a new location, a new joint venture partner and new approvals from the Forsyth County Commissioners.

Stables Motor Condos has partnered with Colorado-based PW Development, which has developed over 30 personal warehouse projects. The partners will co-develop warehouse communities for small businesses and car enthusiasts in Metro Atlanta and the Southeast. At present, they have secured just over 9 acres of land in the southwest corner of Forsyth County on Atlanta Highway in Alpharetta. This specific project will include 75,732 square feet of total warehouse space.

The stables, motorized condos and personal warehouses will be separated by a closed fence in order to preserve the exclusivity of motorized condos. The personal warehouse part of the project will consist of three buildings with 29 units totaling 32,654 net rentable ft2. The stables part is closed and is expected to have 43,078 SF net salable in five buildings with 38 units.

Construction details
The development will renew and revitalize this important area of ​​South Forsyth County along the Atlanta Freeway. The construction will be carried out by Catamount Construction which will include the following elements:

• Insulated masonry block
• Mezzanine level
• toilets with showers and kitchenettes
• High energy efficiency HVAC
• LED lights
• Low-flow toilet water conservation at zero installation
• Juliet balconies are also available in some units

The inauguration is scheduled for spring 2022 with delivery scheduled for fall 2022.

Property versus rental
A major advantage of this project over other warehousing projects is that it gives clients the rare opportunity to own their own space. And, with the potential to save 25-40% compared to renting, this opportunity allows homeowners to save money and invest in real estate. The project will also feature superior finishes, options and upgrades that increase the value of this investment and make the staff-stables warehouse project more affordable and flexible than you can own.

Sales and Marketing
This project is now accepting bookings with project completion slated for fall 2022, and funding is available.

For more information or to book, contact us:
Telephone: 470-236-5300
PW Email: [email protected]
Stables email: [email protected]

Founded in 1999, PW Development pioneered the design, development and evolution of personal warehouses, a whole new category of real estate designed specifically for work – store – play. For sale or for rent, personal warehouses are ideal for anyone who needs a little extra space and are available at a fraction of the price and size of other alternatives. Personal warehouses are perfect for small businesses that need flexible and affordable space for creative offices, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and receiving and more.

Stables Motor Condos designs resort communities for car collectors, powersports enthusiasts, and weekend enthusiasts offering private garages for sale. These motorized condos are perfect for avid car collectors who need a safe and secure place for their sports and classic cars or weekend toys. Need a place to hang out with friends or entertain clients? Stables Motor Condos is a private gathering place to show off your collection and socialize. Designed as a true destination in an automotive-oriented multi-use environment.

Steve Garrison, Founder / CEO | PW Development
Has pioneered the design and development of personal warehouses since 1999 to make it a leading company and product. By taking a unique approach to all projects of what they invented as ‘developer-led design’, we are able to innovate and adapt to changing market trends to deliver multi-purpose projects from the highest quality that can be found in the industry. With a passion for innovation, Steve continually improves the personal warehouse system to meet changing market and customer needs.

Eric Greven, Founder / COO | PW Development
Managed Personal Warehouse operations since 2001. From pre-development to project completion, Eric’s primary focus is the build process, sales, legal, banking and investor relations. His ability to maintain strong business relationships with clients, investors and project teams is an essential aspect of his job and a key to his success. With a solid knowledge of the industry and a commitment to building effective teams through processes, Eric was able to help the company reduce risk and improve the speed and quality of development and sale of products. projects.

Jeff Beal, co-founder | Stables Motor Condos
Jeff has over 25 years of experience in the automotive and motorsport industry. His past experiences and his passion for automobiles and motorsports led him to create the vision of Stables Motor Condos. Jeff is also a Chartered Real Estate Broker associated with Compass Atlanta and specializes in working with luxury residential, commercial and investment properties.

Chad Lagomarsino, co-founder | Stables Motor Condos
Co-founder of Stables Motor Condos and has over 20 years of experience as a developer and licensed real estate agent. He led the Stables Motor Condos project in Forsyth County, GA through all due diligence, rights and pre-development / engineering. Chad specializes in identifying and analyzing potential real estate opportunities in the context of planned lifestyle developments, hospitality businesses and destination-oriented. Chad is also a licensed real estate agent with Compass Atlanta and specializes in land, new developments and commercial properties.

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