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When I was a young girl – a kid really, I remember my grandmother letting me jump into a photo booth and have my picture taken.

Some of you may remember the small booths located mostly in malls. These booths had curtains on each side and once you put down your piece (I think it was a quarter) the camera took four pictures.

I still have the black and white images somewhere in the house.

And let me tell you, I didn’t just sit in front of the camera and smile.

I showed up with some of my favorite diva-like poses.

Now don’t get too excited. Remember, that was in the 60s. By today’s standards, my poses would be considered damn docile.

Well, maybe the one where I pursed my lips like I was going to kiss someone was a bit daring.

As much as I had fun inside this now antiquated photo booth, I can only imagine how much fun I could have had at Picture This Photography & Selfie Studio, a new venture at the Vicksburg Commons owned by Larry Walker, resident of Vicksburg.

Her suite is lined with all manner of vignettes, from a wall of flowers with a pink furry bench to sit on, to a space with a clawfoot tub and bubbles.

Larry said the tub was a favorite with his customers.

With a cell phone kids these days can take pictures of themselves and their friends until the cows come home, and now with Larry’s creative backgrounds their pictures can be even more entertaining.

Larry’s little photo walls can also be a hot spot for families. Can’t you just see a big bunny on one of its walls for the kids to pose in front of while dressed in their best Easter clothes?

And then there’s the TikTok space. I’m pretty sure my parents have no idea about TikTok, but I can tell you that if it had existed when I was young, they definitely would have known about it.

How fun it would have been to make my own little videos. Sure, I know I could do it now, but I’m pretty sure my diva days are over. You know, with the grandkids and everything.

About Terri Cowart Frazier

Terri Frazier was born in Cleveland. Soon after, the family moved to Vicksburg. She is a part-time reporter for the Vicksburg Post and editor of Vicksburg Living Magazine, which was awarded first place by the Mississippi Press Association. She was also the recipient of a first place award in the editorial division of the MPA’s Better Newspaper Contest for “Best Feature Article”.

Terri is a graduate of Warren Central High School and Mississippi State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in communications with a major in public relations.

Before coming to work at the Post just over 10 years ago, she freelanced at the Jackson Free Press. But for most of her life, she enjoyed being a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Terri is a member of Crawford Street United Methodist Church. She is a life member of the Vicksburg Junior Auxiliary and was a member of the Sampler Antique Club and the Town and Country Garden Club. She is married to Dr. Walter Frazier.

“Whether it’s staying informed about local government issues or hearing the stories of local residents, a local newspaper is vital to a community. I have felt privileged to be part of a dedicated team at the Post throughout my tenure and hope that with theirs and with local support, I can continue to grow and hone my skills while helping to share the stories in Vicksburg. When people ask me what I love most about my job, my answer is always “the people”.

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