Free workshop with a leading voice on racial justice and teacher education


LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 1, 2021) – Attend a free summer workshop with Cheryl E. Matias – a leading voice in racial justice and teacher education – and earn a digital badge from the University of Kentucky College of Education.

Open to everyone (professionals, teachers, community members and students), Matias’ fun and interactive workshop – “Beyond the Black and White Screen: The Race to See / Read in Social Media , Movies and Society ”- is designed to help participants improve their skills in self-paced, live lessons. When participants successfully complete the workshop, they will earn a digital badge to add to their CV, email signature, or website.

Matias presents national conferences and workshops on whiteness, racial justice and diversity. She is a Full Professor and Director of Secondary Education Programs, including the Masters Program with Initial Certification, in the Department of Curriculum and Education at the UK College of Education.

“We wanted to create a way for people who value lifelong learning to spend time with the same world-class faculty that our students know and love. Our teachers are dynamic, engaging and enjoy the process of making their knowledge and research accessible to the wider community, ”said Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, Associate Dean of the UK College of Education and Professor in the Department of Education STEM.

Register online before Sunday July 11. The workshop begins on Monday July 12 and will run until Thursday July 22. Participants can attend optional Synchronous Zoom meetings from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. EDT on Thursday, July 15 and Thursday, July 22.

About the workshop

“Beyond the Black and White Screen: Seeing / Reading Race in Social Media, Movies and Society”: This fun and interactive workshop is designed to teach participants to “read” race, racism and whiteness in digital texts (film, media, music, social media, viral videos, online articles, publications, tweets, blogs / vlogs, etc.) while modeling interactive online pedagogies to engage in digital practices anti-racist education. Attendees will see various digital texts as well as workshop readings on Critical Media Literacy, Critical Race Media Literacy, Critical Whiteness Studies and other racial theories to better support racial literacy. . In the end, participants can choose to engage in a virtual project where they themselves deconstruct a digital text from the readings of the workshop. Completion of this workshop will result in a UK “Reading Race in Media” badge and 25 hours of professional development.

Questions about the UK College of Education Professional Learning Series should be directed to Mariama Lockington, Program Coordinator, at [email protected] Visit for more information.


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