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We continue our series of stories about exceptional women in the world of esports, and today we have a former player for the women’s team, commentator RuHub and streamer Mila Alieva.

How did Mila first get interested in video games? How did she get into the Ladies? Why did she end her professional playing career? What is she doing now? In this article, we will try to answer these questions and more.

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Mila alieva

Childhood and adolescence

Mila was born in Minsk, then moved with her parents to another city, but then returned to her hometown. As a child, she didn’t like computer games. She was passionate about photography, dancing, music and spending time with friends. She heard of WarCraft and Need for Speed, tried to play them, but was not engaged.

However, during one of Mila’s meetings, she had an argument with her friend. The friend challenged her, claiming that she could never beat him in Dota 2. Mila got horny and started playing hard. Team strategy made him think and calculate his actions and his opponent’s moves beforehand, a kind of updated chess, where you need teamwork and the ability to press on buttons in addition to a well-tuned strategy.

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A month went by, the guys played one-on-one, and Mila’s friend pleasantly surprised her skill level. She didn’t stop there. She continued to play a lot, completely changing the pace of her life. Many of her friends, used to the fact that she was still the soul of the company, did not understand her at all.

Mila started hanging out in computer clubs, getting to know other Dota players, building teams, playing against each other, running mini-tournaments and leagues. She met her future boyfriend Jackal (one of the first players of Team Empire) and beat him one-on-one.

Gradually a new company was formed which spent more and more time together. Mila wanted more, and she wanted to play at a more serious level, to compete with good teams. The female team was formed, which was subsequently signed by

How did she start to comment? Ladies trained a lot and played in tournaments. But, the girls and the organization wanted more. They wanted to participate in big tournaments and festivals, to win substantial prizes, but the industry was not ready. It wasn’t easy to compete with men of the same level, and they didn’t want to have big separate tournaments for girls.

This is why Mila agreed to live stream and comment on the game when offered the same at one of the tournaments. She started broadcasting, started to have a good following, and enjoyed the new activities that she could immerse herself in. She lacked professional Dota, where there weren’t a lot of tournaments.

Initially, she combined streaming and playing for the Ladies team. But, gradually, the emphasis on personal streaming has become more important. Later, the decision was made to completely shut down the Ladies project.

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Relations with Silent and work at RuHub Studios

When Mila was still playing in the team, during one of the tournaments, she met a guy named Airat. Then their teams took second place (Mila’s team in the women’s tournament and Airat’s team in the men’s tournament). The guys started to communicate and play together. At first they visited each other, Mila went to Kazan and Airat to Minsk, tried to meet at joint events, and then decided to move to Kazan.

At one of the tournaments in Kiev, where the silent team showed a terrible and lost game against the opponent, v1lat allowed himself rude words to Mila, saying that Airat was no longer interested in the game. but by the girl. But later when Vitalii got to know Mila, he found out that she was not a cyber tourist but was interested in Dota, played and commented for a long time, and offered her a job. at the RuHub studio.

Difficulties in working in the studio and haters

When Mila first came to RuHub, she was the studio’s first female commentator. Audiences treated the new studio member with hostility, writing that she was a close friend of the v1lat family. She was a terrible commentator and knew nothing about Dota. She joined RuHub only because she was friends with Vitalii.

But little by little, the hatred stopped. Mila joined the work process and became one of the main characters in the RuHub studio. At the same time, it hosts its shows live but changes the format a little. She gave up on commenting everything and focused more on communicating with the public and spending time together.

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Today Mila lives in Moscow. His long relationship with Silent is over, but the guys are now friends and stay in touch with each other. Mila continues to work in the RuHub studio and develop her Twitch channel. Now the girl is watched by several hundred people. They play games together, watch movies, and communicate very closely in disharmony. In general, Mila’s discord is a legend: it is said that people find friends, relations, go to the cinema together, fly to the sea and even come out of depression there. So visit it and be sure to say hello to Mila from the editors of

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