Georgetown County Natural Resource Plan Under Review


GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) – The Georgetown County Planning Commission is hosting a workshop Thursday afternoon to discuss the natural resources component of their overall plan.

At the workshop, the planning commission will present the second draft of its plan and open it for further comments.

The natural resources component is only a part of the resources of Georgetown County. full plan, which guides the direction of the county for the next ten years. It includes an inventory of the county’s natural resources and conservation strategies.

While these strategies are broad, they are the blueprint for future zoning ordinances and regulatory changes to come.

For example, Planning and Code Enforcement Manager Holly Richardson said she believes one of the topics for discussion will be the idea of ​​protecting wetlands from future development.

While wetlands appear to be a vital issue for the county, a recent poll conducted by the county as part of the comprehensive planning process shows that 96% of area residents rank the preservation of natural resources as a top priority.

“We have beautiful forests and areas for recreation and hunting, fishing. I mean that’s what makes our county unique and special and that’s something everyone agrees on, and we want to protect and conserve it as best we can,” Richardson said.

After the workshop, the commission will likely receive feedback and then develop another draft. If you would like to submit a public comment, click here.

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