Hon Hai to add 20 ‘flagship’ factories


The WEF last year recognized 11 Hon Hai sites in China as flagship factories, while this year it hopes to add more in Taiwan and Vietnam, he said.

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co (鴻海 精密), the world’s largest contract electronics maker, plans to add 20 “flagship” factories this year to expand into smart manufacturing.

Hon Hai CIO Michael Kung (龔 培 元) said at a SEMICON Taiwan virtual forum on Friday that flagship factories have become a leading indicator of smart manufacturing.

These production facilities are considered “flagships” for demonstrating that cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things applications, can be used in large-scale manufacturing.

Kung said Hon Hai, also known as Foxconn Technology Group (富士康 科技 集團) outside of Taiwan, has stepped up efforts to transform through smart manufacturing, adding that the company will add 20 new flagship factories this year. year after the World Economic Forum. (WEF) last year recognized 11 Hon Hai plants with the designation.

The 11 production sites are in Shenzhen and Chengdu in China, Kung said.

This year, the company would push for the WEF to recognize factories in Wuhan and Zhengzhou in China as flagship factories, he said.

Hon Hai has an extensive production network in China with a workforce of over one million workers, and Shenzhen and Chengdu have become Hon Hai’s hubs for the deployment of iPhones and other devices for Apple Inc.

In addition to factories in China, Hon Hai has listed sites in Taiwan and Vietnam as potential lighthouse factories, Kung said.

In Taiwan, Hon Hai is helping a branch file an application with the WEF to include a plant on the world list of lighthouses, he added.

Modernizing production sites into recognized flagship factories has improved efficiency, reduced inventory and reduced labor costs, Kung said.

Hon Hai has provided its subsidiaries with a standardized production management platform and the technologies needed to transform their factories into flagship factories, he said.

Hon Hai Vice Chairman Jay Lee (李傑) said COVID-19 has affected global supply chains with labor shortages and component supply disruptions, but Emerging technologies used by flagship factories such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, intelligent systems and digital systems could help alleviate the problems.

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