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Atturra, formerly known as FTS Group, aims to expand its cloud and Microsoft applications business far beyond its traditional market base in Canberra as it adapts to life under a new brand and a wider scope.

The local technology consulting and services firm changed its name from FTS Group to Atturra in August following a series of acquisitions that saw it take over companies like Mentum Systems, Esam Consulting and Galaxy 42.

The rebranding was intended to bring these companies together, along with other FTS group companies such as Anatas, Veritec, Cubic Consulting, KoBold and Noetic, with future acquisitions also to be incorporated into the Atturra brand.

The FTS group was formed in 2015 and has since grown rapidly, helped by its frenzy of acquisitions over several years. Atturra claims to have served more than 600 local clients in federal, state and local government, defense, education, financial services and utilities.

It also maintains strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Boomi, Software AG and Smartsheet.

According to CEO Stephen Kowal, the company had been considering a rebranding for at least a few years before making the switch this year.

“We had several brands and we confused customers, [sho had to] decipher the different business units that had different specializations, ”said Kowal RNA.

“In terms of timing, over the last three years there has been a lot of collaboration between companies, and we got to the point where we realized that there was more equity in the group than in the brands. individual.

“We went through a complex engagement process and made sure the companies were on board. And that’s how we created something new. After the name change, the scores were good. The teams had supported him, ”he added.

With the rebranding, and all that goes with such a huge company, Atturra has since taken another step forward to help ensure some national cohesion, appointing former Optus Customer Delivery Manager Estelle Ivory, as the new CEO of her cloud and applications company Microsoft.

Estelle Ivoire (Atturra)Credit: Atturra
Estelle Ivoire (Atturra)

Ivory’s new role sees her focus primarily on building the Atturra Microsoft cloud and applications team, capabilities, knowledge and go-to-market offerings in the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform space.

Another big part of Ivory’s new role, Kowal says, will be helping Atturra expand Atturra’s presence in Microsoft’s cloud space beyond the confines of Canberra, where much of his legacy customer base resides for his. Microsoft cloud and application activity.

“Estelle is an important meeting,” Kowal said. “We do a lot of work in the Microsoft stack, but a lot of it is Canberra centric. We do a bit of work with Microsoft outside of Canberra, but as we look to grow we now have Estelle to drive this Microsoft game beyond Canberra.

From Kowal’s perspective, a partner who wants to grow in the Microsoft ecosystem not only needs to make sure they’re on customer radar, they need to make sure they’re on Microsoft’s radar as well.

And it is this point, being on Microsoft’s radar, that is likely to see Ivory take on its full meaning at Atturra, the recent recruit having spent more than a decade working with Microsoft before joining Optus in 2018.

At Microsoft, Ivory has worked both as Consulting Manager – Client & Data Center, Australia, and Consulting Practice Leader – Dynamics, Asia Pacific, Japan.

Today, Ivory is responsible for focusing on strengthening the company’s position in the Canberra market, but also for taking Atturra Microsoft’s Cloud and Applications business unit to the ‘next level’, bringing it to the next level. means, in part, expanding its presence across the country.

“In terms of group strategy, there is no change, but it is expanding our customer base,” Kowal said.

In terms of government sector engagements, Atturra’s Microsoft Cloud and Applications business unit has a strong focus on Microsoft Dynamics.

“Estelle Ivory is the perfect fit to help lead Atturra’s Microsoft Cloud and Applications business unit as it grows stronger, delivering a full suite of end-to-end IT services and a new standard of excellence to customers.” said Greg Mace. , Executive General Manager, Atturra Microsoft Cloud and Applications, when Ivory’s appointment was announced in September.

And while everyone knows the company for its Dynamics prowess in Canberra, the same cannot be said for its nation-wide notoriety, despite its acquisition strategy that gives it teams and clients across the country. country.

“Estelle is responsible for strengthening our presence with Microsoft in the regions,” said Kowal.

Now, Kowal is focused on filling what he believes is a local market gap for a sovereign, local service provider who can handle the end-to-end needs of organizations in the local market.

In fact, Kowal now wants Atturra to own the same type of space in Australia as Datacom in New Zealand.

“There are a lot of big Australian companies and tech stacks, but I see a gap in the end-to-end service provider [space],” he added.

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