How to Secure Your Data in Under 10 Minutes


Data privacy day has passed. But here at Mozilla, helping educate people about online privacy is so important to us that we want to be your guide to protecting your data over the next four weeks. Save this page to Pocket, come back every Wednesday and find a few quick things you can do to help you live your best and most secure digital life. Don’t wait for the next regulation or the next data privacy breach. Put on a playlist and you’ll be done at the end of your favorite song.

If you have 10 minutes this week…

Use two-factor authentication

We bank, shop, work, store photos and communicate online. That’s a lot of data that could become vulnerable to hacking. Don’t take a chance: Take a minute to list your important accounts and set up two-factor authentication for each one. This will link your phone number to your account so that when you log in you’ll see a prompt to enter a secure code which will be texted directly to you – an extra layer of protection.

Connecting to public Wi-Fi often? You should definitely consider getting a VPN

A cafe with free Wi-Fi? Convenient, but not just for you. Wi-Fi network attackers can see the sites you are browsing even when the traffic itself is encrypted. Additionally, many mobile apps do not implement encryption properly, which leaves your data vulnerable to attack. This is where a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, comes in handy. It encrypts your connection, protects your privacy and helps prevent attacks against misconfigured apps. It also conceals your IP address, protecting your identity and location. While some VPN services will log and sell your data to marketing companies themselves, Mozilla VPN will not. We are backed by a mission-driven organization and will always put you above profit.


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