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The Pack-a-Punch Machine is a necessary tool to survive the undead hordes in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, so here’s where to find it in Season 4 Reloaded’s Mauer Der Toten.

Black Ops Cold War’s highly anticipated Mauer Der Toten Zombies map has finally been released with Season 4 Reloaded, bringing hordes of undead to the streets of Berlin. If you have any hope of surviving wave after wave of zombies, you’ll need the best weapons available.

To improve your odds, you can upgrade your weapon via the Pack-a-Punch machine. This will improve almost every aspect of your weapon, increasing damage and magazine size.

Here’s where to find Mauer Der Toten’s Pack-a-Punch machine and how to turn it on.

Mauer Der Toten Pack-a-Punch Machine Location

Mauer Der Toten’s Pack-a-Punch machine can be found in a gated area of ​​Main Street, directly to the left of where you exit when you first enter the streets.

You can’t access it until you turn on the power, but once you do, you’ll have no trouble finding it. Before you can activate it, it will be marked as an objective.

After turning on the power, follow the objective marker through the tunnels until you find a zipline. Take the zipline and the Pack-a-Punch machine will be directly to your right.

How to activate the Mauer Der Toten Pack-a-Punch machine

mauer der toten packing machine

After you power on the device, you will receive an objective for “Investigate the PAP Machine”, with the Pack-a-Punch machine marked on your screen. As Pack-a-Punch approaches, you’ll see several zombies hovering above your head. Interact with him and a follower will appear, charging these floating zombies.

Try to take out the Disciple as fast as possible, as he will continue to charge more zombies. Once you defeat the Disciple, the PAP will be activated and you can upgrade your weapons.

To summarize how to find and use the from the cold war Mauer Der Toten Pack-a-Punch Machine:

  1. Switch on the device
  2. Follow the objective “Investigate the PAP machine”
  3. Interact with the Pack-a-Punch
  4. Defeat the disciple
  5. Pack-a-Punch your weapons for the following prices:
    • Level 1: 5,000 essences
    • Level 2: 15,000 essences
    • Level 3: 30,000 essences

How to power up in Mauer Der Toten

power up in BOCW mauer der toten

Powering up Mauer Der Toten is pretty straightforward, as all the goals will be marked for you. Just follow the arrows down on the metro, but watch out for the train!

Once you find the power switch, pull it out and you will be tasked with obtaining two electrical fuses.

To do this, follow the objective markers that will lead you to Storms. Defeat them and collect the electrical fuses they drop.

Insert those fuses next to the switch and voila, we have power. This triggers the “Investigate the PAP Machine” objective, which will take you directly to the Pack-a-Punch.

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