How to use QR codes in your webinar workshop and create an intuitive webinar experience?


Since a lot of office and school jobs are transferred online due to the COVID-19 outbreak that took place in the early 2020s, the demand for virtual meetings is increasing as the average search volume increases. Moz for the term “webinar” in the United States goes from 30,000 to 70,000 per month.

Due to the increased demand, many online workshop providers are now competing to provide a very intuitive and meaningful webinar workshop experience for people looking to improve their knowledge and skills on a specific topic.

While many of them are restructuring their marketing strategy to get more attendees to sign up for their webinar platform, a few webinar organizers are modernizing their webinar workshop deliveries by incorporating the use of modern technological tools like webinars. QR codes to entice more people to sign up for one. .

And with their catch with that, most webinar organizers incorporate the use of a line to create their QR codes, allowing their attendees to experience a new way to learn new ideas and skills during and after the webinar.

How to organize an intuitive webinar workshop with QR codes?

Now that most webinar organizers are looking for new ways to improve their webinar hosting means, QR codes can help improve their webinar hosting means and create an intuitive webinar experience for their attendees through these innovative uses of QR code.

Create scan to save QR code poster

Webinar hosts can incorporate the use of QR codes as a gateway for people to easily register for their webinars by simply placing them in their print advertising materials.

By incorporating the use of a person who wishes to join the webinar can easily note their registration information and select the day of the webinar that will attend simply by scanning the QR code and opening the Google registration form.

Share social media IDs of the webinar speaker

If one of the goals of your webinar is to grow your social media followers and help attendees expand their newly acquired knowledge by occasionally visiting your organization’s social media pages and group and the webinar, you can Integrate the use of a social media QR code to store all social media information for your webinar organization and webinar speakers.

This way your attendees can follow all the webinar events that you are currently posting to your social media pages and save the ones they find interesting to join.

Use QR codes as a portal for any course material you want to share

You can integrate the use of QR codes as a portal for all the course material you want to share in the webinar you are hosting and easily share it with your participants by simply letting them scan the code to view all the material they have. need in the webinar.

How to create a QR code for your webinar workshop?

Considering the aforementioned ways to transform your webinar workshop, the first thing you will need to do is secure the documents you want to convert into a QR code and the QR code generator which offers genuine and working QR code services.

Once you have secured the files or links that you want to convert to a QR code, you can then proceed to create the QR code for your webinar workshop by following these QR code creation steps.

1. Open an online QR code generator with the QRTIGER logo and create an account

2. Select the category of the content you want to transform into a QR code

3. Fill in the required fields and click on the “Generate dynamic QR code” option.

4. Redefine your QR code design and run a scan test.

5. Download your QR code and add it to your virtual presentation.


As technology advances, many working and learning methods and strategies change and adapt to the changing environment. By joining the QR code-driven company, webinar coordinators can satisfy their desire to become an agent for the future of webinars and open an intuitive path to motivate people to broaden their horizons and discover potential skills with it. this.

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Posted on: Monday October 18, 2021 8:09 PM IST


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