Hyundai Motor Group orders Vitesco EMR4 axle drives for its new electric vehicles


Vitesco Technologies has officially announced that Hyundai Motor Group has placed a large order for its latest EMR4 (Electronics Motor Reducer) axle drive.

The deal is valued at 2 billion euros ($2.1 billion), suggesting a high-volume electric car with several years in the pipeline.

The EMR4 drive axle (3-in-1 drive) is the fourth generation of drive axles from Vitesco, which integrates an electric motor, power electronics and gearbox (single speed also called gearbox) into a single assembly.

According to the press release, Hyundai Motor Group is expected to use the EMR4 in its new global B/C segment electric vehicle, although there are no specifics on the vehicles.

What Vitesco says is that the South Korean manufacturer will use a 400V/160kW version of the EMR4. We assume that Hyundai will use it in new small electric vehicles (below the E-GMP platform, which operates at a higher voltage of 600-800V), like the Kona electric successor.

Vitesco also supplies EV parts for Hyundai’s E-GMP platform (including 800V SiC inverters).

Andreas Wolf, CEO of Vitesco Technologies said:

“We are proud to contribute to Hyundai Motor Group’s next electric vehicle platform with this very attractive axle drive. This order once again confirms our strategy of very early focus on electric mobility.

The EMR4 is available in a range of 80 kW to 230 kW, which is significantly wider than the previous EMR3 (120-150 kW).

The company highlights its high efficiency, partly thanks to the use of silicon carbide (SiC) power electronics, as well as a high level of integration, which translates into a compact and lightweight size.

EV solutions from Vitesco Technologies: The EMR4 consists of an electric machine, power electronics and a gearbox and offers a significantly higher power between 80 kW and 230 kW

The new EMR4 appears much smaller in the image provided. Vitesco emphasizes that it supports a particularly high level of scalability to cover the need for complete vehicle platforms and different vehicle segments.

Thomas Stierle, Member of the Management Board and Head of the Electrification Technology business unit at Vitesco Technologies, said:

“For our new electric axle drive, we have standardized the internal interfaces, while generating the greatest possible flexibility externally, in order to be able to offer customized and at the same time cost-optimized solutions.”

EV solutions from Vitesco Technologies: The EMR4 consists of an electric machine, power electronics and a gearbox.

EV Solutions from Vitesco Technologies: The EMR4


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