Inspired Transportation will bring artists with developmental disabilities to InsideOut Studio


InsideOut Studio is Inspiration Studios’ flagship program and an arts-based vocational rehabilitation program for adults with developmental disabilities. The program features paintings, drawings, watercolours, ceramics and fused glass, and the studio is beginning to include digital arts. The studio sells the artworks on behalf of the artists to allow them to earn an income.

Capital fundraising totaled just under $200,000 for Inspired Transportation, and two of the major sponsors were the Hamilton Community Foundation and the Ruder Bever family. Kim Neal Davis of Inspiration Studios, director of development and marketing, played a key role in this project, Smith said.

The studio will also offer program participants the opportunity to go on community outings and day trips, such as to a museum or park, but on July 28, it will take them to the Cincinnati Reds game.

InsideOut Studio aims to give its artists and participants “the best day of their lives, whether it’s creating work that they can sell and earn money, but also being accepted for who they are and have a social atmosphere,” Smith said.

InsideOut artists have worked with companies, like Cohen Recycling, to create a mural at the company’s headquarters in Middletown, and will work on projects later this year. Neal Davis told the Journal-News last year that “it’s impossible to have a bad day here (in the studio). They are so inspiring and bring so much joy that it makes working for an organization like this very rewarding.


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