Intellian will launch a second manufacturing plant in South Korea


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[By: Intellian]

Intellian, a leading provider of future-proof satellite communications solutions, today announced the upcoming launch of another factory in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, marking the expansion of its corporate headquarters. the company. The new factory, operational from August 2022, is located 4 km from the existing factory, allowing for seamless expansion. The additional factory will meet growing customer and partner demand and fuel Intellian’s growth trajectory. With 1,702 satellites launched into Earth orbit in 2021, the satellite industry has seen and continues to see an explosion of development.

Marking Intellian’s second manufacturing site in Korea, this new facility will triple the company’s production and warehousing capacity. This supercharged capability provides customers and partners with future scalability, enabling them to meet growing demand in the growing satellite industry: the global small satellite market reached $4.70 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $10.75 billion in 2028.

The new facility and the existing factory will operate simultaneously, providing unparalleled production capacity of all existing product lines in the maritime and land sectors, including gateway antenna systems and the recently announced flat panel antenna range. . Increased production at all levels will allow Intellian to continue to supply existing and emerging vertical market segments. The enhanced manufacturing capabilities will also serve as the foundation for Intellian’s legacy of developing innovative technologies to serve the satellite industry.

Composed of four production levels and an office floor, the launch of this new factory offers increased speed of delivery to the service of partners. With continued supply chain challenges elsewhere in the industry, high production from the factory expansion will leverage Intellian’s unique capabilities, allowing partners to fulfill even larger orders at worldwide.

As part of an ongoing journey of ambitious expansion, this news marks a critical step in Intellian’s growth strategy. The new facility will see the continued expansion of Intellian’s global team, with the addition of significant new talent and capabilities.

Eric Sung, CEO and President of Intellian, commented: “The launch of the new Pyeongtaek factory comes at an exciting and innovative time for Intellian, building on continued success in delivering best-in-class solutions to its partners and clients. A key step in our broader growth vision, this supercharged production facility and workforce will strengthen Intellian’s historic collaborative relationship with its partners and drive continued growth and innovation.

Ben Swallow, Vice President, Global Partnerships and Strategy, Intellian, on the announcement: “The satellite industry finds itself at an unprecedented time, with partners and customers facing exponential demand in vertical markets. This new factory will support Intellian’s mission to provide the highest levels of service to partners and customers, working together to develop the most innovative technology delivering best-in-class solutions.

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