John Mayer part ways with Columbia Records after eight studio albums


Photo credit: John Mayer’s “Sob Rock” tour

John Mayer has announced that he is leaving Columbia Records after more than 21 years.

“After 21 years, eight studio albums and wonderful personal and creative relationships, I have decided not to renew my recording agreement with Columbia Records,” the musician wrote on Instagram on Friday. “As hard as it is to say goodbye, I’m excited to pursue new avenues of making music, both by myself and with other artists.”

John Mayer signed with Columbia Records in 2001 after playing South by Southwest. His eight studio albums are all with the Sony subsidiary. “I love music more than ever, and I believe some of my best work is yet to come. With gratitude and enthusiasm, John,” the singer signs the announcement.

John Mayer has been nominated for 19 Grammys and earned a total of 7. He is currently on his bloody rock toured across the United States, which he says is a bit of a sh*tpost of an album. Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music Channel 1, Mayer said the album is the musical equivalent of what netizens call “being bad on purpose.”

“It’s called bloody rock because it’s crap. But more importantly, this is what I thought was a shitpost, and it boils down to where the artists sit in front of you and play you what they think is their garbage. And you say, ‘That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard you play.’

“It mocks their interpretation of the experience,” Mayer continues. “Which is just enough to break out of the mold and do something unique.” That Something Unique will be Mayer’s last album with Columbia Records, it turns out.

John Mayer may have hinted that he was looking for greener pastures in the same interview. “I’m only interested if I can put new paintings on the canvas,” he said of the music. “This one is called bloody rock because you would never have imagined that was the name of the record.


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