Kiwi Design Studio Offers User Friendly Storefront Covid Sticker To Help Boost Businesses


“A brilliant concept to help recover from foreclosure and worth it,” says cafe owner

As small businesses in Auckland and elsewhere struggle to break out of COVID lockdowns, an innovative design studio has come up with an easy-to-use tool to help customers get into their doors.

An attractive “We are vaccinated” sticker placed on the store window lets customers know they are entering a store where all employees are given a double injection of the Covid vaccine.

The design idea is already catching on with a constant and growing flow of companies ordering the stickers.

Designed by a small design studio that works for businesses, film companies, law firms and others, Studio Frank’s artistic director Charlotte Mundell said the idea came from the studio’s own lockdown when the clients and others were clearly concerned about ensuring that their businesses had access to all the tools available to get back on their feet.

“It has been great talking to stores and other businesses to help them by placing these stickers on their windows and letting customers know about their safe stores,” Ms. Mundell noted.

The Studio Frank team had worked on the idea and tested color combinations and designs to make it as attractive and clear to everyone as possible.

The results indicate that they are receiving a warm welcome from business owners who are now looking to get their own businesses back on track.

COVID Store Window stickers are available online at Studio Frank’s online store at this link.


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