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The Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers Society quickly became the group to join.

Formed in 2017, the group has slowly but steadily worked to improve the biking and hiking trails of the greater Cowichan Lake area to provide better access to all of the outdoor recreation the area has to offer.

It pays off and people are realizing it.

Over the weekend, the list of attendees for the group’s last trail-building workshop was not only full, there was a waiting list of people interested in being a part of the action.

“It was awesome,” said Julia Martinusen, president of the Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers Society, after the event. “We had 18 people who came out; the maximum we were allowed was 20. We had a good mix of men and women, hikers and cyclists and even a paraglider came out and a trail runner so people using the trails in different ways. ”

On Saturday morning, a classroom session allowed participants to learn the basics of basic trail construction.

“The weather was to die for so we were all very happy to be inside,” she said.

That afternoon and Sunday, the participants got to work, putting into practice what they had learned in class in the woods.

“On Saturday afternoon we went out in the downpour and we did an investigation of the trail we are working on,” Martinusen said, noting that the group had taken stock of things such as potential dangers, safety issues and potential trail characteristics.

The next day, they bowed their heads and got to work.

“Sunday morning we all showed up with tools,” she said. “It was amazing what we accomplished.”

Prior to the event, Martinusen said the group made a presentation to Mosaic Forest Management which has supported many of their efforts over the years, but particularly by partnering with CLTBS on a land use agreement in Lake Cowichan and Youbou, and providing them with seed money to kickstart their trail building efforts.

“It was just a really good feel-good moment to thank them and also to educate the people who had come,” she said. “Some people are just starting to join the group, so it was good for them to see the work in progress and the territory that we have had,” she said. Many did not know how much Mosaic had helped make the trail system a reality.

The success of the workshop weekend increased the demand for more events.

“We’re going to have a few days of trail building,” Martinusen said. “We plan to do Saturday every two weeks starting November 6th. One action people could take would be to get out there and work on the trails on a working day. ”

The group website ( and Facebook page (Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers Society) will have the details.

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The Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers Society is working hard to add more value, in the form of trails, to the breathtaking beauty that the area around Cowichan Lake has to offer. (CLTBS website)

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