Massive fire breaks out at Madison Heights factory


An estimated $ 1 million worth of T-shirts and other clothing were lost in a fire at the Skyline textile printing plant in Madison Heights. The fire broke out shortly before midnight on December 5 and flammable materials fueled the blaze.

Madison Heights firefighters and their support partners worked for hours to bring the blaze under control and were still putting out the flare-ups days later.

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MADISON HEIGHTS – Authorities in Madison Heights are investigating the exact cause of a fire at a local textile printing plant.

On December 7, the Madison Heights Fire Department was still extinguishing hot spots among the ruins of Skyline Screen Printing and Embroidery, located at 32046 Edward Street, where a massive fire broke out shortly before midnight on December 5.

Firefighters worked for hours to put it out. Six departments helped, but no one was injured. Officials say it could take weeks before the site is secure enough to investigate and determine a cause. At the time of going to press, there were still small outbreaks of smoke and flames, but Madison Heights Fire Chief Gregory Lelito said these are manageable and a typical sequel to large structure fires. .

“I am very proud of our firefighters and the firefighters in our neighboring communities who did an outstanding job in putting out the fire,” Lelito said in an email.

The building was constructed of concrete blocks, spanning two floors and 20,000 square feet. The heat damage melted the steel beams supporting the roof, causing it to collapse and fall. As a result, the four walls of the structure partially or completely collapsed.

At the time of going to press, the MHFD had arranged for a demolition company to bring down the remaining walls. Skyline underwent routine fire inspections and had no known fire violations. However, the building also contained an estimated $ 1 million worth of T-shirts and other clothing, which fueled the fire once it broke out.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Fire Unit is helping MHFD investigate the source of the fire. And while there is currently no suspicion of foul play, insurance officials are also reviewing the conditions that led to the fire.

The building also housed an embroidery operation. Two women who worked there are the ones who reported the fire in the building at 11:35 p.m. this Sunday evening, after smelling smoke from where they were at the west end of the building. When they checked the textile printing room, they found the facility filled with smoke and called for help.

Madison Heights Fire Department Lt. Dan Garvey recalled the scene.

“The building was fully involved with smoke and flames through the roof on arrival. A fire of this magnitude requires a lot of water and resources – trucks, firefighters, police (ministry of utilities), etc. “We mounted a defensive fire attack, pouring copious amounts of water to all four corners of the building to contain the fire and protect ourselves and other buildings nearby.”

He added that “the prolonged duration of the scene, as well as the intensive physical labor that occurs in a fire like this, requires our firefighters to show considerable strength and resilience.”


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