Mayor says furniture factory will create first new jobs in town of Calhoun in nearly 20 years


CALHOUN CITY, Mississippi (WCBI) — On Tuesday, Albany Industries announced that Calhoun City will host its newest furniture manufacturing and shipping facility.

“There’s not much around here,” said Calhoun City resident Ranardo Pierce. “You have to travel to go to the factories. You have to get away from here, maybe 30-45 miles down the road or whatever.

The plant brings 85 new jobs to the region.

“It’s been a while since jobs have come to Calhoun City,” said Mayor Marshall W. Coleman. “It has been several years. Over the past 20 years, I don’t remember any jobs.

“85 (jobs)? That’s pretty good,” Pierce says. “It’s not bad, it will help a lot of people.”

Senator Benjamin Suber says Calhoun City is also getting $443,688 to renovate the building where Albany Industries will settle.

“They had been to our town before, but they couldn’t find a building,” Mayor Coleman said. “So what we did, we were instrumental in working with Albany to find a building.”

The Mayor thanks economic developer Sheila Freely for helping facilitate the process. Albany will lease the 52,388 square foot facility on South Madison Street to the city.

Mayor Coleman says these factory jobs will pay well, but won’t require too much experience.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” said the mayor. “These are high-paying jobs and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be employed at Albany Industries.”

Mayor Coleman expects the project to give the local economy a $2.6 million boost.

“We are happy and excited to be able to bring jobs and keep our talent here at home,” he says. “If they work from home, you know what else they will do? They’ll buy from them, they’ll buy from them, they’ll help stabilize outlets and gas stations.

Albany Industries has announced plans to start production in Calhoun City and fill all available jobs by the end of 2022.

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