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With apologies to Paul Harvey, radio commentator, who wrote “So God Made a Farmer”. And if you’re not old enough to remember Paul Harvey, Google or Wikipedia him.

God knew someone would need to do the work that not everyone else wanted to do, so God created a factory worker.

The worker often got up at 3 a.m. so he could take his time in the bathroom somewhere clean and untimely, then drove 45 minutes to work to make sure he was there at 5 a.m. morning. Thus, God created the faithful factory worker.

This worker dad put in his 40 or 45 hour week and was sometimes asked to also work on Saturdays and even on Sundays if they were very busy, so God made a strong and dedicated factory worker.

And on snowy days, when it seemed like every other business was courteously closing to keep workers away from mountain roads and dangerous, winding highways, he would call the plant’s “snow alert” line to hear the same message. shattered: “Our factory will be open today for work, but be careful. Use your own judgement. And the factory guy wearily plowed or shoveled at 2 a.m. so he could get to the factory on time.

God knew the world would need men and women willing to operate machinery, drive skid steer loaders, track inventory, apply harmful varnish or paint, and do whatever was asked of them. . So God created humble women and men whose shoulders slumped on their way home and then sat in their car or truck for 5-10 minutes to get the energy to place their sore, weary feet on the sidewalk and enter their home or trailer.

And on Friday night when the worker came home he would tell his kids or wife to PLEASE don’t answer the phone because he never knew (from experience) when his boss/boss would l would call and ask her to come to work the next day, especially if something special – like a birthday party or a visit to the zoo – had been planned by the family. So God created a worker who sometimes kept the phone (before cell phones) off the hook.

The factory worker sometimes missed his child’s softball, baseball or basketball games because of work, but he went when he could and sometimes felt sad and bitter that he did not always arrive on time. .

The God-created worker has become accustomed to wolfing down his lunch at work in ten minutes or less, so that he has time to return to his post in the huge warehouse. So God helped the factory workers to eat very quickly and not take the time to use the shabby and sometimes dirty toilets before rushing back to work. Or if you asked him if he could go to the bathroom, the answer could have been “You can go when you have enough head start on your workload”.

Oh, and the heat or the cold? The factory guy or girl has to live with temperatures that sweat near 90 degrees inside the workplace in the summer and freeze your fingers in the winter. There may be fans, but no adequate air conditioning or heating in these large spaces.

The man or the woman sometimes felt stigmatized for not having the greatest grammar in the world, and not knowing how to pronounce certain words, and having a southern or Spanish accent or whatever.

God moved the factory worker to always remind his children to study hard in school and take it seriously so they don’t have to spend their years working in a factory – unless they don’t choose it.

After all, God knows the world needs factory workers who are happy to help make or transform the things people need and want: cars, clothes, closets, china, candy, coffee, etc. .

So God created a factory worker, or two or twenty million, to whom everyone owes their endless thanks, appreciation and respect.


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