Meta Studio Powers Web 3.0 Innovation as the First Commercial Metaverse for Creators


Meta Studio announces the progress of its project to create the first enterprise metaverse for a decentralized community of content creators and influencers.

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, June 2, 2022 / — Meta Studio announces the progress of its plan to create the first commercial metaverse for content creators and influencers. Built in collaboration with blockchain and design partners with significant experience in metaverse projects, such as Blockchain XDev and Bem Builder, Meta Studio offers creators all the benefits of decentralized governance.

The Metaverse for Creators on the Horizon

The Meta Studio is building a business metaverse for the next generation of content creators, influencers and freelancers, which is expected to serve over 500 million users worldwide. Built as a fun experience, but with business as the main focus, Meta Studio will offer a fully immersive space that will allow them to work with freedom, creativity and passion.

Members of Generation Z and young people are increasingly opposed to conventional models of work. A 9 to 5 life at the office has become inconceivable for many of them, as well as their slightly older millennial siblings. This progression towards a decentralized idea of ​​work is reflected through trends such as the big quit, the anti-work movement or the spectacular #quitmyjob Tik-Tok livestreams. If there’s one zeitgeist that defines the next generation, it might be this: They don’t dream of jobs.

Work needs to change to become fun, free, creative, and truly engaging, and that’s the great opportunity the metaverse will bring. The Meta Studio project will offer everyone the opportunity to work and design their studio or build business relationships as they see fit, in an immersive and transparent experience that seems too fun to be part of a classic notion of work.

Freed from the classic constraints of a typical work environment and its outdated dynamics, creators will simply be free to build, expand and monetize their community, build brand endorsement or provide services directly to content buyers. or to customers. In the metaverse for creators, the sky (hyper-realistic, immersive, and beautiful) is the limit.

The Meta Studio Business Opportunity in the Metaverse for Creators

To put things into a more financial perspective, Meta Studio isn’t just a great opportunity for creators and metaverse aficionados. The project is also a great opportunity for investors in a classic blue ocean strategy approach. There is no other competitor in the commercial DEFI metaverse niche, let alone one dedicated to content creators. The viability of the idea is already supported and validated by the first investors in the project who launched after evaluating the potential of Meta Studio.

The metaverse is the new hype for tech innovation, alongside NFTs, blockchain, decentralized assets, and all things smart contract-based that can help build a freer, friendlier, and more egalitarian web. .3.

The digital currency that powers Meta Studio will be METAS, a utility token built on the Polygon blockchain that will ensure smart, anonymous, and secure transactions for all content creators present. Going forward, there are active plans to link METAS with Ethereum, Elrond, and Solana for more stability and reliability outside of Polygon 1’s systems. The development partner managing the implementation of METAS is Blockchain Xdev.

The gamified metaverse world is brought to life by another experienced partner, Bem Builders, already known for successful completed projects, such as The Sandbox.

Meta Studio’s decentralized metaverse world built on the blockchain will allow users to have full decision-making power over community rules, retain full ownership of their work (unlike current social platforms which technically own the rights to author of all content published through them) and retain their full revenue generated by Meta Studio (no “commission”, as currently practiced by contemporary content platforms). The system will only sustain itself through small transaction fees for METAS exchanges, once the tokens are distributed and the metaverse is ready to open for business.

Additionally, the project will allow every creator, influencer, and freelancer to create their own smart contracts as NFTs and interact with each other, brands, and fans as they wish.

And after?

There’s a full roadmap coming for Meta Studio and they’ve already covered a lot of stuff to get some serious work underway. METAS tokens are FINMA approved and almost ready to launch. The pre-seed token sale and then the official launch of METAS will both provide a great investment opportunity, especially for early adopters. Meta Studio core team members attend most relevant niche events around the world and take the time to talk and connect with all interested third parties. Last week, the team participated in its first Ask Me Anything session with Polka Ventures, and right after the conference ended, the Polka Ventures community voted to invest in the Meta Studio project.

The pre-seed is expected to continue until the end of June 2022 and raise between 5 and 10,000,000 USDT to invest in the development of the metaverse. From July 2022, Meta Studio will prepare the public launch of the tokens in partnership with several IoT launchpads.

There is a full list of upcoming on-site events where the team will be present on the Meta Studio website.

About Meta Studio:
Meta Studio is a small Swiss-based metaverse builder that can boast decades of experience in the digital creative niche and big-name partners such as Bem Builders, the creative team that helped The Sandbox to come to life. Aiming to provide creators with a gamified and immersive space where they can buy, sell, advertise and create their content, Meta Studio is building a framework for a decentralized community that will allow creators full ownership and more freedom than Web 2.0 today and the major technological platforms. To allow. A unique opportunity for content creators and investors, Meta Studio is currently in the pre-seed phase, allowing institutional partners to get involved from the start and strengthen their own positions in the future of the digital creative industry.

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