Miami startup buys Wildbrine of Santa Rosa, maker of plant-based cream cheese and sour cream


Wildbrine, a Santa Rosa-based food manufacturer that started with sauerkraut and salsas and then branched out to a line of plant-based cream cheese and sour cream products, was bought by a Miami-based startup.

Fermented Food Holdings Inc. announced Friday that it has purchased Wildbrine and another company, Bubbies Fine Foods of Ventura, known for its naturally fermented dill pickles.

A purchase price has not been disclosed for the local company founded in 2011 by Chris Glab and Rick Goldberg.

The company has about 100 employees between Wildbrine and WildCreamery, its new business unit that produces vegan alternatives to butter and dip. Glab told The Press Democrat last year that its sales were targeting a 20% increase over the previous year.

The company has had “many suitors” over the years, Glab said in a statement. “FFH is the first that shares our values, our customer-oriented approach and a commitment to our people and our culture. They share our goal of deliciously nutritious food for our consumers, and our belief in strong relationships with distributors and retailers.

Fermented Food Holdings was founded last year by food industry veterans Oliver Joost and Marcelo Marim.


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