Mistakes Everyone Makes While Playing Rune Factory 5


Rune Factory 5 is a role-playing simulation game developed by Hakama inc. Players are free to explore and get to know the villagers of the peaceful town of Rigbarth and its surroundings after losing their memory. This town doesn’t remain silent for long as the magical energy running through the world called Runes disappears and the player, as a new SEED agent, must get to the bottom of it.

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Growing crops, collecting resources, and taming monsters all come with their own set of issues and errors. Learning to avoid these mistakes early on is the fastest way for players to improve their experience while exploring. Rune Factory 5.


ten Do not hunt wanted monsters

As a member of SEED, one of the player’s tasks is to hunt down wild monsters that have become dangerous. Players can apply for one Wanted Monster poster at a time, then explore the lands surrounding Rigbarth to capture that creature.

It’s an easy way to not only earn extra cash but also learn recipes, as completing a Wanted Monster quest can also award recipe breads for commonly used skills such as cooking, crafting or even weapon loaves. It’s a much cheaper way to learn new recipes than buying them from the bakery. However, there are only a few to start with, as more unlock throughout the story.

9 Donate valuables

Like many of these farming simulators, bonding with the villagers of Rigbarth can be easily achieved by gifting them their favorite items. This can lead to giving away valuable materials that players may need to use later to better upgrade their own tools, weapons, and armor.

It’s best to find cheaper and more easily obtainable items to give to the people of Rigbarth and therefore store the rarer resources for later. Players should also remember to remove the item from their hands when talking to villagers to avoid accidentally giving it away.

8 Forgetting to recruit companions

Once befriended Rigbarth’s neighbors in Rune Factory 5, they can be asked to go on adventures to help defeat monsters while exploring dungeons. A total of three villagers can be taken on the adventure at a time, and their level will increase during combat.

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Continuing to befriend these people will also unlock special skills that they can use in battle, further increasing their chances of surviving during battles. It is important to mention that when bringing people from the town, players can only have one monster in the group of four.

seven Mismanagement of runic points

Rune Points, also known in-game as RP, are what players spend to complete various tasks such as farming, combat, or crafting. At the start of the game, players will only be able to complete a few tasks per day before the bar is empty, and continuing to smash rocks or aquatic plants will cause the player to lose health.

Forgetting about this risk can lead to players passing out and waking up in the hospital with expensive charges to pay for repairs. Eating certain foods can replenish an amount of RP, but cooking those foods will also cost rune points.

6 Deplete Soil Health

Planting crops on the same ground tiles repeatedly can be incredibly damaging to the land, and players may not even notice it. Investing early in the purchase of a magnifying glass allows players to examine the durability of the soil they are planting in and therefore avoid harming the quality of their products.

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Soil health will gradually regenerate when nothing is planted in the field, but it may also lower the soil level over time. Instead of waiting for the ground to slowly revive, plowing dead grass into the ground can quickly improve health or plant specific crops like corn and tillage that can work instead. Keeping the fertilizer bin filled with grass or weeds can also keep the soil stabilized.

5 fast travel

Rune Factory 5 spans a large map that will be gradually explored throughout the story. Walking from one end to the other can take up valuable time in the day, and therefore remembering that it is possible to travel quickly is very important.

If you’re in a rush in a dungeon, it’s possible to quickly teleport home to replenish supplies and increase health before teleporting to that level. This drastically reduces travel time and prevents players from embarrassingly dying while attacking difficult enemies.

4 Assign monsters to work in the field

Throughout the story, players will unlock Farm Dragons, here they can produce more crops and store their tamed monsters. These monsters have more uses than just producing items to use in various recipes or aiding in battles, as growing friendship with them will also allow them to complete field work on the Dragon.

Letting the mobs water the crops means a lot more time to spend on other useful tasks like fishing, gathering resources, or completing quests, while letting players earn a profit. Monsters will need to be swapped with others frequently, as letting them do fieldwork will cause their health to decrease over days, and then they will refuse to continue.

3 Talk to villagers

It’s the thing to do between neighbors to talk to fellow citizens of Rigbarth. Just one conversation a day can increase the players’ friendship bar with that person and gradually improve the relationship between them. Having these conversations will also allow players to learn more about the characters, such as their favorite items or their birthdays.

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Talking to the characters will also help decide if or whom to marry among the variety of bachelors and bachelors who live in Rigbarth. Knowing more about these characters can avoid having regrets on the wedding day.

2 Seed leveling

Although there are many fights in Rune Factory 5 an essential part of the gameplay is to farm and get good. One way to do this is to improve the level of seeds from which crops are grown. This is easily missed when players assume to harvest their crops as soon as they are fully grown, but they miss out on profit even more.

When a crop is ready to harvest instead of picking it, use a scythe to turn it into seeds, these should be of a higher level than what was planted. Harvesting this crop instead and putting it in the shipping bin will allow players to purchase a higher tier bag of seeds from that crop in the future.

1 Forgetting to upgrade skills

The most common mistake players make is leaving many of their crucial skills behind. While weapon skills increase quickly during combat, many crafting skills like chemistry and blacksmithing take longer to increase. This can render many bread recipes unusable as players are not at the correct level to eat them.

Grinding forging and chemistry skills are crucial to being able to better upgrade farming tools and create higher tier potions for combat. This can be easily done by wasting lower quality resources on higher level recipes. Simply select a high level recipe, remove the current materials and replace it with a piece of scrap metal or iron, doing this multiple times will increase these skills quickly.

Rune Factory 5 is now available for Switch.

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