NDA workshop on the presidential ballot at the party office


The one-day NDA Legislative Party Presidential Election Workshop was held in two sessions at the BJP State Office on Sunday, during which AJSU MP Lambodar Mahto, Independent MP Amit Yadav, including BJP legislative party leader and former chief minister Babulal Marandi, organization general secretary Dharampal Singh were present. The workshop was also attended by MPs Chandeshwar Prasad Singh, Neelkanth Singh Munda, Amar Kumar Bauri, Anant Ojha, Naveen Jaiswal, Bhanu Pratap Shahi, Ramchandra Chandravanshi, Neera Yadav, Randhir Singh, Aparna Sen Gupta, Kedar Hazra, Biranchi Narayan , Raj Sinha, Narayan Das, Amit Mandal, Manish Jaiswal, Alok Chaurasia, Dhullu Mahto, Koche Munda, Samri Lal, JP Patel, Kishun Kumar Das, Shashibhushan Mehta, Pushpa Devi.

The workshop was opened by BJP Legislative Party Leader and Former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi, State Organization Secretary General Dharampal Singh, Former Minister and Former Assembly Speaker CP Singh by garlanding the portrait of tall men and lighting the lamp.

Vande Mataram’s anthem was sung by MP Aparna Sen Gupta, while the workshop was led by MP Anant Ojha. The guests were welcomed by MPs Naveen Jaiswal and Bhanu Pratap Shahi. The Secretary General of State, Dr. Pradeep Verma, and Balmukund Sahai were also present at the workshop.

Addressing the workshop, Legislative Party leader and former chief minister Babulal Marandi said the opportunity to make history in life is not available every day. Today we all have the opportunity to make a tribal woman the president of a country like India. They urged MPs to make the election historic by ensuring that Murmu gets the maximum number of votes from the state. He said India will make history in Rashtrapati Bhavan under the leadership of India’s successful Prime Minister Narendra Modi and under the leadership of BJP National Chairman JP Nadda.

He asked the opposition parties for your support as well to push forward this proud saga of India.

State Organization Secretary General Dharampal Singh has said that being a tribal woman’s candidate for President of the Republic of India is an elixir that has come out in the 75th year of India’s independence, which will give immortality to Indian democracy.

He said that this presidential election is a choice between those who strengthen democracy and those who weaken it. The NDA alliance has strengthened democracy by having a tribal woman born and raised in an ordinary family under the leadership of the Prime Minister as the country’s presidential candidate.

Deputy Anant Ojha, the representative of the state of the presidential election to the center, presented to all the nuances and precautions of voting in the workshop. Along with this, all voting procedures were also practiced.


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