New start for HL Klemove, a company specializing in autonomous driving


HL Klemove has proclaimed that it will provide the safest fully autonomous driving solution to popularize autonomous driving. It is preparing for another leap forward by focusing on developing cutting-edge autonomous driving solutions, building on its track record of over 2,000 patents for its autonomous driving technologies and providing more than 20 million. ADAS units to various customers. It announced that it will complete the commercialization of major autonomous driving products, including Lidar, 4D imaging radar, high-resolution camera, in-cab sensor and integrated domain control unit by 2025 and will ambitiously pursue its commercial expansion to achieve sales of 1.2 trillion won in 2021, 2.4 trillion won in 2026, and as much as 4 trillion won in 2030.

HL Klemove has obtained a patent for its mechanical lidar and has completed the advanced development. Currently, he is working on the development of a high resolution semiconductor lidar with competitive price, packaging and durability to lead the global lidar market in the future. The development project is carried out in collaboration with various startups with targeted commercialization in 2025.

4D imaging radar is a high-tech, high-resolution sensor that can accurately recognize the environment surrounding a vehicle by processing a four-dimensional spatial image (distance, speed, angle, height)s based on deep learning technology. HL Klemove steps up efforts to complete 4D imaging radar development by 2024 using ultra-range (over 300 meters) sensing antenna technology and transmit / receive channel extension technology delivering high precision resolution. HL Klemove’s advanced sensors, including Lidar, 4D imaging radars, etc., are also expected to be used in smart cities, robots and other industries in addition to autonomous driving. The high-performance Autonomous Driving Control Unit (ADCU) for Level 3 will be launched next year. HL Klemove is focused on developing a scalable DCU that can cover levels 2 to 4 of autonomous driving by 2024.

HL Klemove’s Perception and Decision Technology for Autonomous Driving and Mando’s Chassis Control Technology synergize to present the safest autonomous driving solution on the market. HL Klemove’s differentiation comes from its track record of mass production for the world’s leading electric vehicles and automotive suppliers, and its design of integrated system solutions. Based on its technology and business skills, HL Klemove is expected to meet the various mobility design needs of automotive OEMs with its electric vehicle-based autonomous driving solution (see the ‘Model K’ in Figure 1).

HL Klemove primarily targets the North American market. For North American customers who demand autonomous driving above Level 3, the company offers a high performance autonomous driving solution based on strategic partnerships with global application processors / software companies and, at the same time, pursuing the location of production in the region. Construction of the North American industrial footprint will begin next year. As for the Chinese market, the company plans to expand its market share through joint marketing campaigns with advanced electric drive chassis products from Mando Corp., which has successfully established itself in the market. . With this in mind, HL Klemove will expand the manufacturing capacity of its Chinese plant in Suzhou and recruit more than 100 local R&D staff. In India, he plans to preoccupy the emerging market with the development of custom level 2+ productss for a local market by strengthening the R&D staff in Bangalore.

Paljoo Yoon, CEO of HL Klemove, has an engineering background in successfully commercializing ADAS consumer products such as automotive radars for the first time in Korea. Previously, Head of Electrical / Electronic Product Design Team at Mando R&D Center, Head of Systems Research Center and Head of Global Business Unit ADAS, Autonomous Driving Expert has elevated driving technologies Autonomous Korea at the global level.

In his inaugural address, the CEO said, “The convergence of perception and decision technologies from HL Klemove for autonomous driving and Mando’s autonomous driving control and EV solution technologies have enabled HL Klemove to differentiate in autonomous driving technology. He added that “HL Klemove will accelerate advancing the era of fully autonomous driving to ensure the ‘safest mobility’ for the public. “

HL Klemove operates a global R&D center in Pangyo, Gyeonggido. It also has autonomous driving product manufacturing bases and R&D centers in Songdo, Incheon and abroad including Suzhou in China and Chennai/Bangalore in India. The company currently has around 1,800 employees and will move to a new ‘Next M’ building located next to Mando Corp. in Pangyo in September 2022.



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