One stop shop for all office supplies

Every organization, big or small, wants to involve its customers and employees in the best possible way. At the same time, he doesn’t want to compromise on productivity and wants to keep cost concerns at bay. With the advent of the GST, it has become even more important for businesses to drive consolidation, compliance, and simplification in the management of low-value expense categories such as office supplies, maintenance, and repair ( MRO) and housekeeping.

Here is the need for a professional service provider who serves business clients for all their office and workspace needs. Some of the benefits include:

• More than 20% savings
• Business credit
• Standardization
• Supplier reduction
• Expense management
• Transparency

Work Store Ltd. offers it all. Work Store provides the convenience of web and mobile ordering to commercial, large enterprise and SME customers, enabling the fulfillment of over 7,500 office supplies across India with trade credit at checkout and business day delivery next on most items.

From paper to printer cartridge, stationery to cleaning, tea, coffee, pantry to business requirements on technology products, corporate gifts as well as furniture, the Work Store platform offers an ever expanding assortment of products to keep one step ahead of any business need in India.

Work Store Ltd, owned by the Future group with co-founders Shailesh Karwa and Sharad Dalmia, operates 10 distribution centers covering 75% of PIN codes across India. Besides multinational business clients, he has helped many large and medium sized Indian companies to increase their productivity in their respective businesses saving them time and money.

Businesses around the world are rapidly becoming aware of the unethical practices prevalent by local suppliers. Unorganized vendors provide counterfeit products, overcharge with short deliveries, and replace brands with local products. Here are three crucial reasons why you should choose GST compliant suppliers.

1) Economies of scale: Consolidating office expenses with fewer organized vendors would go a long way in generating economies of scale and lowering the cost of managing a large number of fragmented vendors.

2) Simplification of business processes: Large companies increase their transaction costs when working with hundreds of small-scale vendors for low-value expense categories. Many organizations ignore this while selecting their supplier purely for the convenience and lower price on the spot.

3) Compliance risk: Matching the invoice level for the GST input credit implies that your supplier must have filed their GSTN returns on time with accurate data and paid their share of GST. Unless this is done, organizations with non-compliant suppliers run the risk of forfeiting their entire GST amount ranging from 12 to 24% of the value on these categories.

It is best to work with large, organized and compliant supplier partners across India on low value expense categories. WorkStore provides an efficient, fast and cost effective way to manage all indirect expenses.

Work Store Ltd. serves over 3,000 corporate clients employing 1.5 million white-collar workers and is currently accelerating its growth through small and medium-sized business clients in India. It aims to be the one-stop destination for businesses to research all of their indirect spend using the e-commerce, marketplace and fulfillment capabilities of the platform.


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